Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thursday [12 to 15]

Late afternoon.

15.  This young man

... would be unremarkable for this statement, were it not for one tiny photo avatar.  That does make his statement quite remarkable.

14.  This is looking not good

We already saw today what a snake Haley is, then the Donald goes on RINO Hannity's show, now this.  I do ask the question what is wrong with these people's brains?  With the Donald, it might be put down to senility.

You see, it's not as if any of this is still in the 'debatable' category. When someone votes a certain way at the Capitol or at Westminster, or fails to see the voter fraud in the least, then there other things going on here, no?

13.  Gain of function

12.  Gavin McInnes

Proud Boys Max Hare and John Kinsman get 4 years for beating antifa members who jumped them. 
Antifa gets no charges for beating two Hispanic marines they thought were Proud Boys. The DA in both cases is Soros appointed.


  1. Steve

    War Room snippets...

    The FBI's Own Committee of Special Agents Had Complaints of FBI's Politicization Redacted in Report

    Tom Fitton: Trump's Legal Team Must Demand for Return of Trump's Records

    Dr Naomi Wolf: Politico Article Admits Bill Gates Was Behind Global Conspiracy to Push Covid Vax

    Dr Peter McCullough On Gates Foundation Controlling COVID Response To Push Vaccines For Financial Gain

  2. One day we might be asked to vote for the US/UK/NATO adventure in Ukraine (although I doubt it), and of course those who are such fanatical supporters will suffer no ill effects (unlike Ukrainians), but this article predicts a cold winter for the rest of us;