Thursday, September 29, 2022

Thursday [1 to 5]

Morning all. Crashed and overslept. Devices crashed too, slowly restoring.

5.  Evets 1 (0827)

a.  Clanet Povid (Keep Calm and Don't Get the Jab Edition):

The Flu Disappeared in 2020, but Not the Flu Shot – 20,000 Injuries and Deaths from Flu Shot as Children are Passing Out Minutes After Receiving COVID Shot + Flu Shot Together

b.  What our press conference with Dr Aseem Malhotra tells us about the fourth estate

c.  Dr Reiner Fuellmich: A Statement Regarding The Events Of The Past Few Weeks

d.  Remember this?

The SPARS Document

4.  Phantom Digger (0823)

a.  "1666" (Trusts and all that. Worth a gander, imho, but decide for yourself)

"To grasp the magnitude of 1666, we must understand the emergence of corporations within society. The earliest Trusts were not legal entities as they are today, they were powerful statements of claim. They were Express Trusts. These required little formality and could even be created orally. They were commonly used for property transfers......."

b.  "Omnipresident"

"If you are the opponents of Donald Trump you must be thinking what in the heck is going on? Does this man not understand the word former?

Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama….every single one of them eventually faded publicly, some a little more than others but for the most part they checked out.

Donald Trump is anything but checked out. In fact, you get the sense he is everywhere all at the same time...."

Read on McDuff:

3.  Ripper (0819)

22 - Related but funny

Biden sees dead people

2.  DAD (0816)


a) Macron's back has a target on it. Don't mess with Italy.

b) PM Jacinda Ardern calls internet freedom a “weapon of war” in most recent UN speech. Calls for a new type of internet with “rules and transparency”.

“How do you tackle climate change if people don’t believe it exists”.

c) A non-governmental organization (NGO), with financial links to billionaire George Soros, has won a $41 million federal contract from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to help illegal aliens evade deportation from the United States.

d) Joe tells the BEST way to prepare for a hurricane (From 2021).

1.  TDS (0811)

Two doses of COVID-19 vaccine make you 44% more likely to be infected, a study from Oxford University has found, contradicting the basis of global vaccine policy, which assumes vaccination significantly cuts incidence and transmission. The study, published in the Lancet, looked at all infections reported in England among adults registered at a medical practice from December 8th 2020 to November 17th 2021, meaning it spanned the Alpha and Delta periods. It used a case-control design to estimate vaccine effectiveness, allowing potential confounding factors such as age, sex and underlying conditions to be controlled for, while individuals with prior infection were excluded.

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