Saturday, September 24, 2022

They always were an aesthetically pleasing team

Not wishing to do anything football tomorrow, it would be remiss again not to mention this below, not to show the aesthetics of this particular team, so I'll do it now.

And it is aesthetics ... the thing commentators since the 1930s have said about Geelong have been remarkably consistent ... they have never, ever altered their style, which is best described as free-flowing and finessed, high risk but relentless, they can be hit hard, feel inconvenienced and be beaten... it's always been the way to beat them.  I've seen possession teams but the Cats are a running team, ending with the monster kick or quick snap.  Give them half a chance to run and they play as if possessed.

This isn't seen early in the video but after a while, the Cats take control ... remember, this was against the equal best team through the year, their coach mocked the Cats the night before, silly boy. 44 years without a premiership, always the bridesmaid, this was 2007, just as it was today in 2022.  Night follows day.

This video here is better than today's highlights for a few reasons - the image resolution, though from 2007, is better, the shots are far better, the crowd shots, overview of the MCG, the angles, the emotion, they convey it far better than today's AFL package.  For example, at the 06:30 mark, a great lumbering 6'4" ruckman chases down a speedy winger and you hear the crowd erupt.

What were the similarities in the games ... 2007 and 2022?  Well, the blowout margin for a start, the free-flowing, typical Geelong style the euphoria throughout the game on the field, even before they'd won.  Coz everyone at that ground, on that day, within minutes, knew the Cats had come to play ... I felt it early too and relaxed, I know this mood they get into, same mood as starting to feel we're going to prevail now in this war we're in.  I swear it's not arrogance, it's just a feeling .. you can almost smell it in the air.

Geelong recorded the equal fifth biggest winning margin in VFL/AFL Grand Final history when they thrashed Sydney Swans at the MCG on Saturday.

The Cats’ blistering start to the 2022 Grand Final recalled memories of their 2007 triumph when they beat Port Adelaide by 119 points – the highest ever margin.

This highlights package is one of the best I've seen for showing why the club is loved and hated.  It also sets up this post for showing another Grand Final for 2022 ... that of the girls' version of the game.  Remember that these were the two best men's teams going and also the two best women's teams below.  

Compare ... the gals are far more shapely, what about their football skills?

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