Monday, August 15, 2022

Try these

  1. What was Jean-Francois Champollion’s main claim to fame
  2. What three languages were on the Rosetta Stone?
  3. How was Christina Rosetti commemorated in 2000?
  4. Other West Highgate graves include which recent Russian?
  5. What unusual method of execution was used?
  6. How is this connected with pitchblende, Pierre and Marie Curie?
  7. Which female dissident journo’s story was associated with N4?
To make it easier, these are all connected to a previous question and thus N1 can be guessed by backtracking.


  1. 4. Was this the russian who (it was claimed) was poisoned by radioactive tea?
    Litvenko or similar?
    5. polonium poisoning!
    6. Did Marie Curie discover it along with radium?

    1. Everything happened at the same time, Ian, so only able to get back now. Uh huh ... Litvinenko. Polonium-210, yes. They discovered and named polonium, yes. Now 1, 2, 3, 7.

  2. Absolutely no idea about the rest, so guessing here:
    1. Something to do with mushrooms? (no, that's champignon!)
    2. Heiroglyphs (do they count as a language? Greek?
    3. Was a memorial to her placed at highgate ?

    Please excuse my ignorance in these areas!

    1. 3 is close enough. It was a Rosetti Stone. 2. Good. 1 was the man who deciphered the hieroglyphy things. 7. Anna someone.

  3. 2. Greek and two forms of Egyptian hieroglyphics so doesn't that make just two languages really \_0_/