Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thursday [1 and 2]

Morning all. Hot day coming up here.  Already hot.

2.  DAD drops today

We have an interesting one in the ongoing issue of some platforms working for some but not for others.  Over at NOWP right now are two DAD drops which are pointless here, the links, as they don’t expand, at least for me … but over there they do.  Yesterday we had the film unseeable in some countries, seeable in others.

Why?  Why effing why?  It’s stoopid.  But it’s what we have.  This two-venue N.O. alleviates some of it.


Three Tweets this morning.

a) That padlock.

b) That warrant.

c) The soul of EU at stake !

1.  Evets 1 and 2

Clanet Povid (Phase II Edition):

Official Government Reports confirm we are witnessing Depopulation by COVID Vaccination

b.  The BBC’s “Unvaccinated”: Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest – Part 2

c.  Recently Released Emails Provide More Evidence of Big Tech-Government Collusion

d.  What Is Called ‘Science’ Today Is Nothing More Than Political Ideology Masquerading as Science

e.  [The] Ukraine

Crimean Airfield Explosions. HIMARS Gets Hacked. Zelensky Selling Off Ukraine To "Enrich Himself"

f.  Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine

g.  Ukraine's military gone, rampant corruption leaked documents reveal | Redacted with Clayton Morris

h.  Related:

Why the US wants to destroy China & Russia: Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega explains

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