Saturday, August 06, 2022

Saturday movie

Few films are as long lasting as the great memories they create in the minds of their audience. In the life of some actors, few indeed stand out from their competition. The "African Queen" is one such film. The great John Huston took a boatload of cameras, a case of whiskey, film cargo, and two legendary actors and pitted them against the African elements. In doing so, an immortal saga was created. The story is that of bush river Captain Charlie Allnut, (Humphrey Bogart) being challenged by a spinster, named Rose 'Rosy' Sayer, who has tragically lost her missionary brother, (Robert Morley), to sail down the treacherous and formidable Zambeeze river. 

Once there, the plan is to sail out on Lake Victoria, engage and destroy a German warship named the Louisia. An insane voyage to be sure and one filled with many other terrors such as man eating crocodiles, swarms of flesh eating mosquito's and blood-sucking, black water leeches. The film is typical Huston and many believe that the scene where Bogart is pulling the tiny boat through the reed-lined African swamp, earned him his very first well deserve Oscar. For his fans, this is a classic which lives in the treasured moments of cinematic history.

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