Saturday, August 06, 2022

Out of Africa

This from the Phantom last evening stands on its own … it’s clearly our lead number tonight but I’d also appreciate if you’d give a listen after it to the other two below:

The key thing below is not just that a group of whites, mainly elderly, plus one girl, could actually sing this Solomon kwazulu number, not mime it, but that two young blacks here could be blown away, just as this one below is.  It’s obviously black music, how would blacks react?

Not often does your humble blogger launch into hyperbole but man, this has to be, with songs such as Louie Louie and Bei Mir, one of the greatest songs ever in the history of this planet.

And by the way, boys, her name is Kelley deFade of Pittsburgh.  The original girl’s name from 1961 was Anita Darian.

And here’s the Zulu original

But there is this as well.

If Phantom’s was the Enya song and the next was the Tokens’, this below, Welenga, is Cameroonian, the real deal, the last minute finale a nice sign-off for Saturday:

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