Friday, August 12, 2022


One of these two is a deep state lowlife, possibly no longer employed by them, the other is our idea of intrepid ferreter who's obviously going to be attacked and oft taken down.  Question is, which is which and also - who are they?  What was the main issue?

[H/T The Phantom]


  1. I'm guessing one of them is A. Berensen - the one cancelled by Faux Joe. dunno who the other twerp is.

    Amending that to the one who had his 1A rights taken away.

    1. Hint ... if you go to Friday 18 and look at the article, it's in there. Question then is ... which one is Berenson and which the twerp? It also answers what the issue was.

    2. AB is on the right. Sadbit is the twerp - advisor to Twerp-in-Chief at the WH.

      Anyway, get a load of this:

      That warrant.


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