Saturday, August 13, 2022

Saturday [5 to 7]

Morning all.

7.  Evets 2

a.  [The] Ukraine:

Kiev Forces Used British Missiles In Recent Attack On Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (Photos)

b.  "Dirty Bomb" Hazard: Armed Forces of Ukraine Target Nuclear Waste Storage at Zaporozhye NPP

c.  Zaporozhye demilitarised zone, freeze conflict. Baltics gone mad. Scholz, take the turbine. Update 1

d.  In the Ukraine war, a battle for the nation’s mineral and energy wealth

e.  Russians Welcomed as Liberators in Many Eastern Ukrainian Cities Contrary to Western Media Depictions

f.  "Inferiority Complex" Estonia has 'Dementia'. German Winter of Rage. Ukraine Gets M270 MLRS From UK

Evets 4

6.  It's in the url

5.  Project Ian


a.  Ian never asked me to do this below, he saw it as a simple 36kb excel sheet, he then sent various other formats, all of which worked for me on the laptop and so it was fine for me.

b.  Trouble is - Ggl Blgr won't load such files for reasons I understand. Plus I can't run raw word lists because bots look for those and get the wrong ones and Ggl Blgr either delete the comment, post or the blog itself at thier whim.  Yes, I know there are appeals courts etc. but I have a blog to run.

c.  I'm not sure if readers who are not bloggers would understand all this, so it needed to be laid out.  Thus I could only get that data up Ian wanted in the form I've done it.

d.  There have been techies, once I explained all this, who were shaking the head, saying why on earth make all that work?  The answer is in 'b'. The next question they ask is why stay here?  The answer to that is complex and ancient and would take twenty pages, which I do not have the time for.

e.  There is a fifth factor in here - my eyesight.  I can only see this when reworking the data in GIMP:

That's how I see the files on this Lenovo laptop in GIMP.  Inother words, I can't see them, I have to guess and go by touch, a bit like typing.

f.  Finally, why even bother?  Because I have to show willing to our regulars.  The political value far outshadows any work involved ... it was not all day, only about 2 hours which, in techie terms, is nothing.

All right, here is the project:

Ian made the point days ago that he does not trust cookies and the companies his data is shared with, quite understandably, and I support his mission. He wanted to share this with readers and as an idea, it's a good one. It's handy to know where the data is going.

This one he sent is of the Daily Mail and whose cookies are there.  voila:

OK, so that's that done. There was a factor 'g' and it is size of files - there are limits at Ggl Blgr I'm approaching on data size and so I need to guard file size like a hawk.

Y'all have a good Saturday now.


  1. re #5. I've had something similar happen in the past (5 or so) few years when I needed to draw out cash - the 'daily limit' may have been started to ensure branches have the paper, but.. How else can you buy/sell a car (or similar) when transfers can be halted/reversed?

  2. Yep, banks are preparing for the run on the banks once Klaus’s globo pulls the plug. Your money is not lost if you be a good boy for the thieves, they’ll mete out some of it to you at their whim.

  3. Apologies if I've put you to extra work James, Long lists like that do not make for good viewing - it was really the numbers of them that shocked me. So many firms (over 1500 total) after my (or your) data and willing to pay for it. I wondered why so many (circa 300) go to such trouble - the 'legitimate interest' tags that have to be deleted individually - to make sure people just let them through. I don't know who many of them are, but the website owners must be coining it (even though they don't sell many papers any more!). I don't accept these cookies and reject them wherever possible, but my laptop still needs clearing of them every so often.

  4. #5. Strange but I don't see any of those cookies, maybe it is because I use noscript and a cookie manager that blocks all of them. Also the fact I use a much older browser with OS/2 helps - even when using Linux firefox browser I have noscript active and cookies turned off as well as an ad blocker. I have been using computers since the days of analog units and am not impressed with the way modern programming is going with the microsoft virus they call an operation system as well as apple and google.

    1. Some others of the era have pointed out similar. One sees it as nothing truly innovative since the 90s. I just listen to you chaps.

    2. Ivan, I block many cookies and ads via firefox, but every so often open a webpage (or try to) that asks me for consent. I always go though every option because the 'legitimate interest' does not convince me, and the DM one made it particularly difficult to block them, which is why I took it further. I guess that most people just delete consent w/o realizing that the hidden LI tags are still active. Most do not reach my laptop, but I don't want to be in a database that is being sold to all and sundry. (I don't respond to unknown phone nos or phishing emails either)

  5. Ian, twice you told me you didn’t want to put me to the trouble and you offered to do the groundwork. I was the one who persisted. Point was just to illustrate to readers that what sometimes seems straightforward often isn’t at all when someone else is placing barriers in our path.

    Perfect example is WordPress and its stoopid Block editing. Laborious, places all sorts of unnecessary barriers along the way, eight times the required time to even get one page redacted.

    The aim I think is to force people into premium buys of pay themes, plus the overall space allocation constraints on free versions. It’s also to stop high volume blogging.

  6. 6. We moved to a furrin country over a decade ago and opened bank accounts, transferred a chunk of money ready to purchase a home and live in the meantime in rented accommodation. A couple of times we were at the supermarket and our payments were refused even though we knew there were plenty of funds in our account. After contacting the offending bank we were told we had a limit of 600€ per month spending and learned that was standard procedure. We were asked if we would like that limit increasing or lifting and instructed the bank to do that. The next month everything was fine with no problems. However, the next month after that we had our payments over 600€ refused again. A wtf moment when it is our frigging money.

    After contacting the bank again we discovered that we could only have a temporary lifting of the limit and if we wanted a permanent removal of the 600€ limit we had either inform them every month of we could change our account subject to their approval. Needless to say we were not informed of any of this when we opened the account a few months prior. We were told it was to protect us from going overdrawn. Banks think their customers are children who don't understand money and are not able to think for themselves.

    The money launderers go about their business with impunity while the rest of us get the jackboots.