Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday [7 to 9]


9.  When the chips are down

… Tories with still a shred, a sliver, of do-right deep down, as with Darth Vader, rather than continue the bland, Woke Unipartyism, will vote for the actual Englishman or if one’s not available, an actual Englishwoman, even if she’s a cheater in the marital home and a globo of the worst kind.

Unfortunately, that also cuts out Kemi-sarbi … she has the personal qualities but was a bit too young.  So it’s pretty clear who’s PM.  Yesterday, my mate and I tried to discuss UK politics … it was so bleedin’ boring, we just couldna.

8.  The BBC are out and out globo liars

THE BBC has a Climate Disinformation Unit. Perhaps it should focus on some of the BBC’s own output! Last month BBC News grandly declared that it has been the driest start to the year in England since 1976, based on figures to the end of June. The figures, they say, came from the Met Office.
A quick check of the Met Office’s data, however, shows the claim is fake; both 1996 and 2010 had drier starts to the year.
7.  There’s a report at Breitbart

… which triggered a response from a female of our species … she employed a noun for when one is pushing this sort of thing.  It starts with fa, has some ggs in there and ends with y.  I’ve never used the term and please don’t in comments as it won’t get through.

However, it is indicative of the depth of feeling in society on everything from Floyd to trannies. As we know full well, all these activists on the sickening side of politics have the State’s big stick on their side and they’re not reticent in using it on those who don’t appreciate society’s wrecking balls.


  1. Didn't the poor old Rev Richard Coles fall foul of this adjective when he was really using a noun recently?

  2. Can't wait for fbi to raid Michelle Obama's closet......

  3. It sounds more like time that the UK had a general election rather than a few people selecting a PM. It is either that or time for a Cromwell to appear on the scene and clear out the mess that is parliament.