Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday [15 to 20]

Evening all.

20.  Memories

19.  Don’t miss Ian J’s three blondes joke

… in Friday [10 to 14].  Also, bumper Ian edition coming up Saturday.

18.  Phantom Digger

"The White House privately demanded Twitter ban me months before the company did so Federal officials targeted me specifically; when they met with Twitter in April 2021, "they really wanted to know about Alex Berenson" 

17.  Steve

War Room snippets - no holds barred..

‘You Have No Integrity FBI’: Seb Gorka Stands Up Against The FBI For Declaring War On America

Sam Faddis On The Actions Of FBI, DoJ: ‘These Are Not One Off Events’

Trump Attorney Christina Bobb ‘Flabbergasted’ By FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Despite Offers To Comply

Liz Yore On The FBI: They’re Not Investigating Hunter Biden But Are Going Through Melania’s Wardrobe

16.  Evets 4 and 5

15.   Coming back to Friday 14 ...

... the examples used were from real life but once we start looking at screenplays, it just reinforces it.

For example, with Peter Falk in one Columbo episode, the whole thing turned on the slightest of gestures. Near the end, he revisited the sad widow or whatever and yes, I'm well aware it was just TV but there was something nye tak about her all the same.

He made her watch a replay of the car bomb and her companion flinched a microsecond before the actual explosion.  That's all it took.

We could go back to 1915 and Richard Hannay waiting in the anteroom to see The Man.  Door opens, out comes a minister of state and for one microsecond, there was recognition of Hannay by him, then it was quickly suppressed in the man's features.  Again, that's all it took.

Message?  Don't ignore your gut instinct.  Shelve it for now, maybe, but bear it in mind later.


  1. "Memories"


    2. Why do all the good people suffer or die young? Ms Kaagman has Parkinsons, and Mariska Veres of another 70's Dutch band, Shocking Blue, was taken by cancer.

    3. Yep, why can't the reaper just take the evil muvvers?

  2. Evets 2

    [The] Ukraine:

    Kiev Forces Used British Missiles In Recent Attack On Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (Photos)

    "Dirty Bomb" Hazard: Armed Forces of Ukraine Target Nuclear Waste Storage at Zaporozhye NPP

    Zaporozhye demilitarised zone, freeze conflict. Baltics gone mad. Scholz, take the turbine. Update 1

    In the Ukraine war, a battle for the nation’s mineral and energy wealth

    Russians Welcomed as Liberators in Many Eastern Ukrainian Cities Contrary to Western Media Depictions

    "Inferiority Complex" Estonia has 'Dementia'. German Winter of Rage. Ukraine Gets M270 MLRS From UK

  3. Evets 3

    The Battle for Britain?

    Wot, No NHS GPS or Dentists? Yet HMRC Pays 16 Diversity Tsars £1 MILLION a Year Each To Do Nothing!

    It Wasn't An Accident - It Was All Planned!

    Good News Friday: Australia, Sweden, Denmark, US

    WEF Will Starve A Billion Human Beings To Death

    Agenda 21 For Dummies


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