Thursday, June 23, 2022

Try these

  1. The other name for Tungsten
  2. Reddish-brown, emits nasty smell ... Br.....
  3. The 'hidden' element ... Kr.....
  4. Why is Ytterby town so interesting, chemically?
  5. Connection between kohl, stibnite and antimony?
This last one is such a long answer that we'll not have 6 and 7 this evening.


  1. Robbo:
    1. Heavy Stone aka Wolfram
    2. Broooeeeuuumine
    3. Krypton = ancient greek for 'secret, hidden'
    4. Because of Ytterbium, first isolated from ore from a mine there, followed by Yttrium, same again, and of course Erbium, to complete the triple crown.

  2. Ah, someone who knows. Thought it would fool some. Prize is yours - some tungsten to keep by your bed.

  3. I would have got 1 and 3. Honest, sir!

  4. All right, folks, that last one was tough, almost a trap. Because those who know ain't sayin' ... and those who don't ... don't. Thanks for joining in.

  5. 5. Kohl is made from stibnite which is an antimony ore.

    1. The short answer. The long answer involves Egypt, history, alchemy and more.