Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thursday [7 to 9]

Coffee, as indicated in the sidebar.

9.  Think he means the cabal, US branch

The USA is establishing a military base in Poland and NATO is increasing its high-alert troops from 30,000 to 400,000. It’s probably nothing, right?

8.  Ian J

Is this Bozos answer to everything? Spend taxpayers money on a futile neocon exercise just to appear a 'statesman'..

7.  The in-evets-able tale

If A Weaker Virus Is Killing More People, then the Host Must Have Been Weakened.  Some Texas Senate HHS Testimony. Talking baby ...did Formulations Change Over Time?

SADS ... any ideas? Beware The Lockdown DogsWHO, Gates, Polio .. nightmare. Reduce the population ... 'One by One' Rik Mayall's last film release before his sudden death (2014). Home prep.


  1. In the title


    "Dr. Zelenko's health has taken a very bad turn for the worst and he is a total fight for his life as I post this. Please pray harder than you ever have before he needs another total miracle from God to save him at this point.

    He needs us more than ever and every minute is vital. Thank you all so much."

    He's in ICU after surgery - blocked artery and lung cancer.

    Champion of HCQ, Ivor McTin and quercetin.

  2. I did have the Rick Mayall film saved and had watched about a third. Unfortunately it was removed by yt before I could watch it through. It is available on a commercial download site. Maybe we could petition auntie beeb to give it an airing.

    1. Andy, you can watch the full movie online here, though it is in the wrong aspect ratio (in 4:3, should be in 16:9).

      This is direct from source to browser and will play via your browser's media player as an MP4 file. That means by right-clicking on the movie you can 'Save As' to your hard drive (434MB). If you play it from there you can adjust the aspect ratio in your media player (I use Media Player Classic).

      There's not many movies I can't get hold of, just by using the back end of my browser (Firefox). It has a very useful function called Page Info. That will give the full address of the source file, regardless of the movie site.