Thursday, June 30, 2022

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17.  Oh dear

16.  Looking at one of Steve's

... n6a to be exact at NOWP:

Farmers Protest, Riot Over Holland’s War on Livestock Farming to Protect Environment from Nitrogen Pollution 

... and combining that with n13 second screenshot:

...  then what we have is the utterly bizarre phenomenon of zero genuine crisis, just as with the climate scam, except that physically induced by saboteurs on the ground, controlled by globo in each western nation.  Insurrectionists in other words.  Guerillas.

And we the sheeple, as I'm doing now, just write about it or else the sheeple are quite unaware or else they're aware but bewildered.

We're talking here about precision strikes by one's own govt turned cannibal on its people ... and how can we know where they have targetted next?

People the MUST go onto the state teat to have rations meted out.  A la Joseph and the grain silos in Egypt.  Total control.

Satanic.  Just look at public libraries and drag shows for kids, gender reassignment etc.  And of course, then are grinning ... all going according to plan.

15.  Phantom Digger

Re n12. Update on Dr Z:

Big update on Dr. Zelenko:

"Zev's numbers have miraculously improved and now the doctors believe he is 50/50 to live or die. Just a couple of hours ago they had everyone preparing to say their final goodbyes to him but then as everyone around him and all of you were praying his numbers began to drastically change!

The doctors still don't know how this is even happening but I think they have started to become believers at this point.

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming prayers and support. I know it has been emotionally exhausting but please continue to pray and think about Zev, a true warrior for God. He still has more fight left in him!

I will update as soon as I know more."

14.  Ian J

1. Another Bozo scheme that will never come to pass - that seems to be his speciality now..

2. Every time this woman opens her mouth she displays her total ignorance of world affairs. Where does she think Taiwan is that we should interfere?


  1. Have just seen Bribems (or his handlers) latest pronouncement: Was he not aware of the Cuban Missile crisis in the 1960s? The man is a dangerous puppet!
    Security for Europe is the last thing this is intended for or will achieve!

  2. The other view of that US policy:

  3. 16 - Yes. Shortages due to closing down traditional agriculture with fertilizer shortages, transport costs & problems, claims of pollution, unsafe production & food storage areas (which are suddenly and mysteriously prone to catching fire), the Russian invasion, red tape & eco regulation and nobody having any money to buy it anyhow. You will eat the insects and be happy, they really are evil aren't they!

  4. All of the above points: more people I interact with are wondering what is going on. They see the illogic of things. I thank the heavens for places like this which has covered most things being questioned. I don't have all the answers, who does, but I can point their thoughts in the right direction. With a bit of luck some of them might use their God given intelligence to question more, seek out information and begin to get a bit angry with the real villains.

  5. Evets 1

    Clanet Povid (Three Jabs And You're Out Edition):

    Why Three COVID Jabs Are Worse Than Two

    Omicron BA.5 Prefers Hypervaccinated Masking West Germans, Avoids the Former DDR

    Birth Rates Drop Worldwide Following Mass COVID-19 Vaccination in 2021

    Pro-Vaccine Masses Who Survived COVID Injections Targeted for Monkeypox Vaccines as Depopulation Plans Advance

    New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern Leads the Way with Disinformation

    Acts of War: the CVVV psyop and VVV WMDs

    "Tell Me Sweet Little Viral Lies"

  6. Evets 2


    Russia Traps Ukraine Troops in Lysychansk, Turkey Drops Veto on Sweden Finland-NATO, Russia Unfazed

    A Look Inside The Azot Chemical Plant After Ukraine Retreat

    Foreign Mercenaries In "Azot" SeveroDonetsk Robbed Civilians. Says Witness

    Foreign Mercenaries Were Burened To The Ground As Unnecessary Witnesses At Azovstal

    NATO raison d'ĂȘtre, Russia-China. Svalbard blockade. Boris, if Putin was a woman. Update 1

  7. Evets 3

    Why Are They Hiding The Census Data?

    Almost All 5,000 Gang Members In Sweden Are Either 1st or 2nd-Generation Migrants

    Birth of Fascist International - Germany Lost WWII Not The Nazis - Epic Battle: Russia vs The Nazis

    Khazarian Banking Cartel - Rothschilds - Royal Families, Secret Societies, Jesuits

  8. Dr Zev Zelenko was called home today. May he RIP. :(

  9. UK has defensive weapons?
    That work?
    It's been a long time.
    Maybe if we gave them lots of mirrors the defenders could reflect the sun's rays and focus them on the incoming hypersonic missile.

  10. Re 15 and my earlier comment

  11. Another view on the neocon/MIC control of UK/EU politicians:

  12. Evets 4


    Bad Actor And Lying Witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, Defends Her Sham Committee Testimony Despite It Being Thoroughly Debunked

    Trump Election Lawyer John Eastman Drops Lawsuit Seeking to Block His Phone Records From Jan. 6 Committee After FBI Ambush

    January 6th Committee Subpoenas Trump White House Counsel Pat Cipollone

    Judge Clears Trump of Contempt in New York Attorney General’s Witch Hunt Probe

    Cook Political Report Shifts Six More 2022 House Races To Republicans

    Tucker Carlson Provides High-Level List of Political Arrests by Biden Regime

    The Donald:

    Trump Answers Question About the Possibility of Choosing DeSantis as a Running Mate in 2024

    Supreme Court Ruling Reins In The EPA, A Blow To Biden’s Extreme Climate Change Agenda

    Granite City Steel Mill that Reopened Thanks to Trump Economic Policies Will Lose Up to 1,000 Jobs Under Joe Biden

  13. Evets 5

    Quadruple Vaxxed Dr Fauci Missed His Daughter’s Wedding After Testing Positive For Covid

    FDA Panel Advisor Admits Agency “LOST” Clinical Trial Data for Placebo Group Before Approving Experimental Vaccine for Babies and Toddlers (Video)

    “Criminal! Criminal! Criminal!” – Angry Protesters Greet Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at Award Ceremony in Israel (VIDEO)

    Dangerous and Ineffective: Experimental Pfizer Vaccine Causes Nearly Five “Serious Adverse Events” Per Every One Person it Kept From Being Hospitalized with Covid, Study Finds

    32-Year-Old Comedian Nick Nemeroff Suddenly Dies in His Sleep — Posted Earlier About Suffering Side Effects of COVID Vaccine (Video)

    Why Russia Doubts NATO’s “Good” Intentions

  14. I haven't flown since C20, and this (longish) article summarizes why:
    911 really was the start of the softening up process, a terrorist attack - somehow I don't think so!

  15. There's not a chance Obama was born in Kenya. The bumf for one of his autobiographies says he was, presumably to make him sound more exotic and interesting. The real question is what was he trying to hide in all the fuss about his birth certificate? We still don't know, do we?

  16. Faucci missing his daugjter's wedding...poor thing. Not a tear shed by me for any of them.

    Could be she didn't want him there.

    A lot of people are missing all sorts of things due to covid and due to his specialised jabs! Why? Cause they are dead!

    According to him and to those from on high who are pushing the vaxxes the jabs really really work! Look how many we saved from living!

  17. Dearieme, shhhhh, it is only a rumor but word on the street is he was hatched. Now that is exotic!