Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thursday [10 to 17]

Evening all.

17.  Two screenshots

16.  The naivety of saying 'no politics here please'

15.  There's no issue?

14.  Durham

THE CORRUPTION IS STAGGERING! — HUGE BREAKING NEWS: John Durham Drops Another BOMBSHELL... 'The FBI Lied About Hillary-Supplied Information Claiming It Came From DOJ And Not Hillary'

13.  Horror beyond

12.  Woodsy

Safe and effective, but notable for being in the local paper -:

11.  DAD

a.  John Ward has an interesting SLOG Post..

b.  Here is my contribution to lovely ladies.

[Better seen at t'other place.]

10.  Ian J

Meanwhile, have been reading Fred Reed on the saker. Which approach is needed for C21? In my view, not the USMIC!


  1. Evets 1

    Clanet Povid (Words Fail Edition):

    Maria Zeee and Dr Rima Laibow - 90 per cent OF The Global Population Will Die! - NWO Agenda!

    As "Conspiracy Theories" Become FACTS, Soon The "Catastrophic" Deathvax™ Truth Will Be Officially Acknowledged, All By Design

    The Depopulation Agenda Is Nothing New

    Virtual Children to Help Combat Overpopulation

    Enemies of the nation and the politics of chaos – when wrecking a country comes disguised as “health care”

  2. Evets 2


    Estimated 2000+ Ukrainian personnel encircled in Gorskoe-Zolotoe pocket south of Lisichansk, etc (caution)

    Maslak's War Diary 44: Drone footage of Azot chemical plant battle


    Martin Armstrong - West Needs WW3 to Cover Up Financial Collapse

    EU Countries Obliged to Return to Burning Coal

  3. Evets 3

    UK: The Death of Fiat Currency – By Proclamation of the Queen of England ~ June 16, 2022

    Global Planned Financial Tsunami has Just Begun

    Are We All Being Brainwashed?

  4. Evets 4

    Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board To Reject 2020 Presidential Election After Election Audit and “2000 Mules” Documentary Prove Irrefutable Evidence of Fraud

    FBI Agents and National Archives Goon Are Harassing 2020 Michigan Trump Electors

    VoterGA Challenges Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger’s GOP Primary Results

    From Rep. Troy Nehls: Was Trump Crazy To Predict Fraud? No — He Had History On His Side

    Day Before J6 Committee Hearing, FBI Agents Raid Home of Trump DOJ Official Jeffrey Clark in Pre-Dawn Raid –Forced into Street in His Pajamas

    Desperate Liz Cheney Begs Wyoming Democrats to Switch Parties and Vote for Her in August Primary

  5. Evets 5

    Senate Is Poised to Vote Thursday to Advance Red Flag Gun Laws and Deal Another Death Blow to Due Process and Second Amendment Rights

    President Trump Responds to Senate Gun Control Bill and Warns GOP Senators It’s the First Step to Take Your Guns Away

    “This Level of Disconnection From Voters Is Dangerous” – Must see: Tucker Carlson Destroys Dirtbag Republican Lawmakers for Pushing Joe Biden’s Radical Agenda

    Marjorie Taylor Green Tells British Reporter To ‘Go Back To Your Country’ In Response To Gun Reform Laws (video)

    Uvalde Police Chief Placed on Administrative Leave

    Braincell update:

    Biden Drops To Just 32 Percent Approval In New Civiqs Poll

    Big Banks and Big Tech Companies Limit Hiring and Begin Layoffs

    Russian Success in the Donbas Accelerates

  6. Evets 6

    Interactive Map Details Destruction of Numerous US Food Manufacturing Plants, Grocery Stores, etc - Compares US Incidents to Global Trends

    North Dakota Attorney General Sounds Alarm On Bill Gates Buying Massive Amounts Of Farmland

    NFL Legend Tony Siragusa Dead at 55

    US Olympic Swimmer Saved from Drowning by Coach During World Championship After Fainting

    Grocery Chain Publix Says It Will Not Vaccinate Children Under 5, And Does Not Need To Explain

    Woman from Cumbria, England First Person in UK to Receive Compensation for Covid Vaccine Injury After FiancĂ©’s Death