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In Thursday 16, James Woods makes a comment and it's related in a way to this:

There do seem indeed to be normies who are so far into the everyday world that they're not in the real world.  A further paradox is that this real world has a quite spiritual component to it, not least in the modes of organisation of the enemy of man.

From Senator Jenner in 1954 to Quigley for the opposed force, they almost labour the point that these are highly organised people, with near watertight systems, designed to and easily enslaving common people in narratives.

One of the core methods is running courses for invitees with the notion that they are 'leading beyond authority', they are in fact the annointed.  Always behind them is a shadowy force the Queen supposedly referred to.  Long, long sgo, I quoted this:

Cultivating an aura of exclusivity

Creating an aura of a vibrant, free-thinking contributor to change, dynamically going places at a high level beyond the common mortal, beyond the goyim, e.g. Middleton.

Assuaging the ego of a limited intellect, essentially unread and certainly not au fait with what is really going down, such people as Julia Middleton, Joyce Thacker and Cressida Dick are appointed whilst the David Bells, one echelon above, pull strings.  But even he is below further echelons which get into C300 and so on, as it goes higher.

It's a structured, organised, hierarchical bunch dedicated to destruction.  Gaze down today's offerings by all contributors and there is most certainly a pattern.  In a moment, I'm going off, as DM might say, into the realm of the fairies but so be it.

Before doing that, what of our red pill takers, those having woken up and knowing they must oppose the fakery?  Some are highly advanced down the path ... mention symbolism or the history of banking and they can provide the links, e.g. on Venice v Genoa, on the Crusaders and Franks and so on.

But what separates these chaps and chapesses from someone like Derek Prince or even myself is that final hurdle - admitting different realms.  So often, the latter are involved in defensive actions against attacks by the 'if I cannot see it or feel it, it's sky fairy nonsense, which is not the stance of anyone from the philosophers through Conan Doyle to African natives, who know very well that such things exist.

It's just western man and woman who've been gulled.  

The war we're fighting is no way just a physical, human war and many know this. If you look at the structure of pagan societies, there was always a witchdoctor-druid-whatever applying the rule of the gods who, let's face it, were vicious bstds, requiring constant propitiation.  And behind them was always the shadowy string puller one never actually saw.  In the opening of The Thirty-Nine Steps, there was just such a reference, also in Christie's Frankfurt book.

One thing Derek Prince points out is that so many interpretations of key scriptural references are wrong if one does not know the original Greek, for example Ephesians 6:12, which successive new versions have tried to rob of its original meaning.

For example, the reference is to heavens or heavenly spaces, not a heaven, there are many OT references as well in support.  But how would we know that, except through years of openminded scholarship?  In so many books, allegorical or otherwise, there are references, also to principalities.  What is a principality?  It's the domain of a Prince, no?

Which princes?  Here you'd need to go to Daniel 10:12-14 and then 10:20.  Now this requires understanding and a non-dismissive heart to see.  What is being referred to here are not princes of a human kind but of powers who rule the world on behalf of another entity.

What other entity?  Well just run with this idea for a short time - imagine you have a finely organised society or social structure and one of your lieutenants, taken by his own beauty and finery, displays pride, arrogance.  He wishes to ascend to the highest places, equal of heaven and earth.  He goes to lesser angels and says: 'The boss has you in this menial job, way below someone of your talents, Cressida.  Tell you what, support me in my rebellion and you'll be rewarded with your proper standing in the firmament.'

So that third are cast down to earth.  What do they do?  Apart from mating with human females to create a right bstd class with zero compassion for humanity and vile personal habits, they're distributed around the world as the hidden power behind the puppets who suddenly develop enormous wealth, enormous strength and then proceed to take over the known world of the time. Persia?  Greece?

Whence all this sudden power, all these acolytes supporting the destruction, mindlessly?

Have you ever stopped to consider the sheer level of organisation with almost no error in its preparation, relentless and comprehensive in its roll-out that's required for such a thing?  With all higher ups the same Schwab repulsive, paedo, sicko creatures in key roles?  Almost clones?

Which human agency has that reach?

One last question - have you ever heard of the secret of kingmaking or of the Prince and King of Tyre?  There are things beyond which take so many preconditions to be in place in order simply to fathom.

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