Sunday, June 26, 2022

Physics PLUS metaphysics, not 'versus'

Not in exclusion to, not adversarially pitted against each other but all part of the universal set.  The potential for misinterpretation of stance is as massive as a supernova.  The assumptions, including a priori assumptions as the basis of one's science, are deeply flawed.

Hubble is wunnerful in my eyes, truly wunnerful ... yes, this is a believer in God saying this.  Why not?  Big bang - why not?  How does that exclude God?  But one comment I saw, reacting to this clickbait:

... got to me:

Amen. My objections were not to the science therein, they were to the clickbait in the first place, then to the smooth voice-over man, which immediately undercut his message, plus it was recommended by youtube, which means woke messaging, then to the political purpose of the video.  All the human interference in the science.  E.g. falsified climate data to fit the narrative, upon which cabalists stood to earn trillions of monetary units.

Why oh why must so many feel they must divide into 'camps', e.g. Hubble vs 'religion'?  Such an adversarial divide is an attempt by interested parties, e.g. the cabalist Royal Society, to create faux dichotomies when there need be none.  One continues to add data, not exclude it because of one's a priori conviction.  I mean ... who's being the scientist here ... and who the bigot?

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  1. The immense grandeur of the galaxies in that video give the best pointer towards anyone's god. Energy and light - all you need is Love