Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday [1 to 8]

Morning all. Overslept again.

8.  IYE

e. UK: The Death of Fiat Currency – By Proclamation of the Queen of England ~ June 16, 2022


e. I'll believe it is for our benefit when I see the evidence.

Some of these look like commemorative items - Harry Potter, Dumbledore etc.
(Also in that pdf - discontinuance of burials in various locations. Didn't realise her madge and her privvies made such declarations.)

Roserambles also displays things like the Ben Fulford report mixed in with legit info. For those new to BF he was outed as BS at least a decade ago - the Chinese Dragon family with whom he claimed contact were out to save the world back then and enrich us all with their beneficence. Still waiting for that.... He also brought us Neil Keenan and his promise of Soetoro's gold - this time the riches were going to flow to us from the Philippines. Still waiting for that one too.. A disinfo op playing to a new bunch of lately awakened but not yet using discernment.

[I also noted this:]

7.  DAD

Canada is now a basket case. Save Pastor Tracy.

6.  Longrider also refers to a strike

... but it seems to be a different one.  Rail employees?  Best take a quick look at the BBC.  Seems to be rail.  Meanwhile - would you be happy that your daughter was strutting around like this at the annual rain ruined fest of schlock in the home of the spiritual enemy?


Leaving aside musical taste, I'd suggest there's a crisis of libertarianism here.  Perfectly happy for you to disagree in comments about what I'm about to say but my attack on this is three-pronged.  

Firstly at the Derek Prince level, a man who's been in most countries and observes that the entire world, other than the west, takes the spiritual seriously and knows fullwell its horrors, secondly looking at the horror of the collapse of medicine, knowledge, upbringing and thirdly that these are the very people, with their concept of non-vacuous nobility, doing the drag shows in libraries and teaching kids ... here's another shot of the type:

Note who reposted that ... a libertarian.  Perfectly fine for the Antifa-BLM-baby murderer set to express their freedom any which way they like?  And those inside their homes and gsthering places must lump it?  No limits, you say?  As with that Swedish girl - perfectly all right for the enrichers to drag her into the street and pack rape her?  

Nothing untoward here?

5.  That old chestnut

... about teachers' holidays does, as pointed out in comments, ignore the preparation time which used to be done, plus marking  but of course, there is now new tech to ease that.

However, as Cincinnatus pointed out, also in comments ... would that matter all that much if they were delivering well turned out, knowledgeable and respectful children of the old style?

Especially in the light of what the young scumbag teachers are up to with children today?  Seems to me that's the issue at this moment - what those Woke teachers are doing to children.

The most dismaying part, for me, was that I was one who went to fests, pub rock venues and even today have a surprising view on the weed ... but I don't recall it being this sodom and gomorrah back then.  It comes down, in the end, to what each person has inside his/her own soul, does it not?  How emptied of soul and possessed he is.

4.  No idea how much store

... can be placed on this:

3.  Numbers

Gun take 65 v 33 GOP vote no, unconstitutional.

15 RINOs voted in the Senate on the gun take side.  Had those snakes voted the other way, you can work out the numbers.

2.  Another short story

Prepare to meet thy doom, earthlings. Doom, we say, Doom. Did we mention preparing to meet thy doom?  Virtual children are the only solution.  The changing definition of 'healthcare'.

1.  Whyever would that be?

"Robb Elementary, the Texas school where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in a mass shooting, will be demolished - Uvalde Mayor"


  1. 8. The part [JH] noted - there's 1000 pound ones with Rome on the back too. Shall put in a request to HMG for my pension to be paid in those forthwith. :)

    1. The coins/bars are issued by the Royal Mint and sold via dealers as investment pieces. Her maj sanctions the issuance. Doesn't indicate her maj is abolishing fiat currency.

      (https://www.coininvest [dot] com/en/silver-coins/ Link broken deliberately so replace the [dot] with a . )

  2. Correction - Sukarno's gold, not Soetoro's. It's been a while.

  3. 1 @ Phantom Digger I lived there for 10 years and worked on a few expeditions, diving mainly. Never heard of Sukarno’s gold; he wasn’t Indonesian President until 1945, long after the gold was taken.
    Only met one person that claimed to have found something, but personally never saw a thing.

    Locally known as Yamashita’s gold; as in General Yamashita, the Tiger of Malaya. A great book on it here:
    Hung by the US in 1946, which added to the conspiracy.

    2 Trying to get my head around the Privy Council gold.

    The current Britannia is one ounce, with face value of £100, so a £1,000 coin would be 10 Troy Ounces, or about 310 grams.
    Quite something, and pointless; may as well have a bar for a far less premium. Just as an aside; the US Treasury values their gold at $42 per ounce, a little bit different from $1,800 market value.

    1. These are the claims this Neil Keenan chap has been making for over a decade. It is long and involved. Whoever's gold it is purported to be it isn't coming our way and NK is not the world's saviour and that is the point I was making. Been a while since I looked at this guy and am surprised he's still pumping it out.


      "the FOOTSTEPS of a man named Neil Francis Keenan that he made on his journey to becoming the elected AMANAH, the principal TRUSTEE of the underlying assets and collateral of the global financial and economic system.

      This is a brief history [77,329 words] of this exceptional man as he trekked through the world of business and finance, always giving and helping, and making the World a better place. This is his story."

      Last I heard was that he was living in Bulgaria. But I suppose a saviour of his magnitude has to live somewhere.