Friday, June 24, 2022

Don't be upset now


  1. I used to listen regularly to John Peel on the old steam radio, 10pm weekday nights I believe. If I was out I would record it. John interviewed Lee Perry one night, it was the most hilarious interview I've heard. It was obvious that John couldn't understand Lee's Jamaican accent very well. So, Lee being a joker turned it on full blast. I had a number of rasta pals at the time so I could follow it a bit. I had to play the tape back to them multiple times. Poor John, greatest DJ this country produced.

    1. I used to listen to John Peel on the old Radio London pirate broadcasts back in the 60s. He was the only place to listen to the US 'underground' bands - Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart, Misunderstood etc and upcoming UK blues, rock and electric folk stuff like early Fairport, Tyranasaurus Rex (as they were), Incredible String Band etc. Indeed he was probably the most influential DJ of the era. When the station went off-air some of the listeners created a snailmail + telephone group and kept in touch. One of my best friends today is the son of someone (sadly now departed) who I met as a local member of that listener group.

  2. Nice days. I was living close to Island Records when they were there. Often went down by the rivva. Got flooded too.