Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wimmin of some note at some stage #007

Quick, easy pre-quiz

Who's the reporter?
What issue did N2 have?
Name a song by N3.
Who won the case with N4?


  1. Man from the WC

    1. Dunno her name but she works One America News Network (OANN)
    2. Anorexia
    3. Only one I remember is Marlene On The Wall
    4. She did.

  2. 4. One of them was suing the other for defamation, the dirt that came out in court must have been worse for both of them than the original accusation. Do dos in the bed, I ask you!

  3. Good answers ... Luka was her biggest hit. Chanel Rion at the top.

  4. 3. Has been nagging at me, eventually it came to me but I can't recall any of her songs, Suzanne Vega.