Saturday, May 28, 2022

Who's Brie Larson when she's at home?

Lately, as someone not interested in modern music, film, anything, I've noticed a lot of talk about this Brie Larson character.  I saw a pic in passing and she seemed pretty starlet enough but not enough to delve.  Give me a 20s or 50s chantoosie or actress ... another matter.

Anyway, don't know how I'm in this Quora thing or whatever it is, but just saw this:


I’m personally mad at how she treated me, and my cast members when she visited us for the opening of Avenger’s Campus. I was assigned to be her guide around the park for six hours (But it took 12, which pushed me way beyond overtime, having to send someone to get my kids). Also, her tour had to be on a day that Hemsworth, Scarlet, and Pratt, were not on property, because they specifically requested to not have to be around her.

This woman constantly berated my cast members, she would call the men pigs for simply having the nerve to talk to anyone but her throughout the day.

She whined and complained anytime she had to wait for anything, such as the 5 minutes it took her to get a sandwich after cutting in line in front of -everyone-.

She whined over the fact that any other character in the park was featured in anything, but not her’s.

She tried to one up other women anytime she heard them talking about -anything-. Such as one girl talking to a fellow cast member about being proud of losing weight.

She got angry when she heard any cast member had a favorite character that was not her’s.

She got angry when she overheard a cast member saying Olsen or Johanson was hot, but not her.

This person was honestly a shit human being, and I hope I never have to see her talentless, ugly ass again.


Well well well.  Who's Brie Larsen when she's at home?


Yep, just looked her up ... waste of space, late millennial airhead.  Spoilt brat.  Sorry to have wasted your time.

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  1. An Amber Heard clone. They are creating them in Hollywood.