Thursday, May 12, 2022

Try these

  1. Which WW2 flying ace and which champion boxer had the same name?
  2. Jennifer Arcuri and Petronella Wyatt have what in common?
  3. Egregious Cortez, Omar, Pressley - name one of the others.
  4. Slocum, Knox-Johnston, Cammas, MacArthur - the sport?
  5. Bojo, Tony Abbott, Obama, Mugabe - odd one out and why?
  6. Obama, Carter, Clinton, Truman - odd one out and why?
  7. Clapton, Oprah, Eva Perron, Kate Middleton - odd one out and why?


  1. 1. Adolf Galland
    2. Roger Edwards by Boris?
    4. Life on the Ocean waves

  2. Robbo:
    2. Bojo?
    4. Sailing
    5. Obama. Not Prime minister

  3. #2. Such poor taste as to have affairs with Johnson
    #3. The squad - Talib is missing
    #4. All sailors

  4. #5. mugabe - only one born in the country he was PM of?

  5. 1. Johnny Johnson and Jack Johnson
    2. A Johnson who didn't still love them tomorrow?
    4. Single handed sailing.
    5. Mugabe's dead.
    6. Truman was also VP and became POTUS when FDR died.
    7. Eva Peron's dead. Don't know who Eva Perron is/was.

  6. #6. Obama - only one not born in the country he was pres of?

  7. Galland an ace, not world champ boxer ... Edwards? Boris yes ... Waves yes ... 5 was always going to be controversial, I too go with Mugabe ... Talib yes but two others too ... all except Mugabe born outside ... hint - handedness ... death a fair answer, I was looking at marriage ... still need that boxer, fought Lionel Rose.

  8. Johnson on N1 is good, I was thinking of the boxer FH.

  9. Don't expect anyone to know but Cammas is not solo, that's Joyon. Does not affect the result. Only two left FH from Japan and to do with right and left handed in the other one.

  10. #6. Carter was the only Right hander! (Had to look it up though)

  11. Is correct. T'other are Harada and Fighting Harada. Not bad this evening.