Monday, May 23, 2022

Try these

Which cities did they become?
  1. Kristiania
  2. Bearbrass
  3. Saigon
  4. York
  5. Lutetia
  6. Baile Atha Cliath
  7. Olisipo


  1. Ian J : Quiz entry - connection problems!
    #1. Oslo
    #3. Ho Chi Min city
    #6. Dublin

    [Those right, yes. The other matter of connection we'll address later.]

  2. It seems a slow night, so I've had time to look up the others, although I wasn't sure if #1 wasn't copenhagen - a lucky guess!
    #2. Melbourne
    #5. Paris (ought to have been Rome - home of the Borgias!)
    #7. Lisbon (almost an anagram!)
    #4. No idea with this one - City of York? York Minster?

    The connection issue has been around for a while, but is intermittent (and doesn't affect the other site) I had thought it occured while another upload was heppening, but it seems to have been clear for a while.

    1. York's the interesting one. Not this continent. It's a well known city too.

    2. My first thought was NYC, but I thought it went from New Amsterdam to NYC. Perhaps Canada? wasn't there a battle of York during the war of independence? - have just chased that one and it becaame Toronto!

      Sorry to have answered so many, I can only think others got put off by the connection biz.

      Thanks for doing a quiz when you're not 100%. Look after yourself in the current climate (not weather)

    3. The prize is yours sir ... a no expenses paid weekend with Kamala Harris.

    4. Do you mind if I pass on that - the expense would likely appear later!