Thursday, May 12, 2022

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Afternoon all.

15.  Dearly beloved

... we are gathered here today, incognito:

14.  Toodles

Plandemic 2020-2030

13.  Time for a ramble

... but not about what I was going to rant about, namely the seeming pettiness of Tucker in refusing to allow the mules to be mentioned.  In D'Souza's speculative explanation, he pointed to an issue months ago with Tucker.  When Dd'S said that Tucker had every right not to have him on the show, he was speaking my language.  Thing is, there are people who simply don't like us.  It could be his manner, could be his look, could be his religion ... who bleedin' knows?

But to actually join the other side just to spite Dd'S ... I can't help thinking that's not right.  Then again, the stakes are massive are they not?

Anyway, I'd rather write of this film from last evening, Undertow.  As someone pointed out, it's a quiet gem of a B movie and I couldn't help but think just how good it was and what sort of screenplay probs stem from that.

Cast was fine ... the point was made by some that while they may not have been A list in later movies, in this one they were very well cast.  I'd agree.  In fact, I'd say they were all too nice in their roles.  I mean, the tall one [spoilers] who was the creep, part of the mob run casino in Reno, was sooo polite to the low level crook who'd been in the army, had had his epiphany and now wanted to reform, that when this returnee turned up and helped the leading lady [a honey] win at craps, it was all too civilised if you see what I mean.  Hardly noir.

Soon though, as our hero is framed for the murder of the mob boss, it gets a bit more realistic.  He escapes and finds the honey's home, she immediately believes him and is full on for him, even though betrothed to the mobster's daughter, who's lying to him every second word and fake kiss.

Anyway, our guy is beaten up by a big black who's actually a principled guy ... with a mafia boss?  Ho hum.  Our guy, with the help of this girl and a friendly cop ... yep ... sets out to prove his innocence.

As commenters wrote, it really wasn't the plot ... it was the 1949 post war Chicago atmosphere ... location shooting too, broad daylight, no noir ... and like others, I started really enjoying this film.  Obviously I wanted the two leads to get together and knew it could not be till the end ... plus those suits and women's fashions ... goodness, there's no elegance today like that.

Our principled black thug sorts it out near the end and all is well.  You know what I liked?  The politeness, the friendliness, the light, the fashions, the nice ending [end spoilers] and that leading lady.  You know what? Just for that time, I forgot all the troubles we face, the utter corruption, the meanness ... and it was nice.

12.  Man from the West Country

[Let's run this one here:]

11.  Kathy Barnette

There are some curious things about all this.  Breitbart seems to be mainly pro-RINO as far as I can gather and their take is anti-her, plus they shifted the story to the bottom of the page very quickly.

Those gainst her are attacking her military record, saying it was not so and that she is refusing to answer, also that she refuses to release it. Forces authorities, combined, say there's nothing wrong with what she said, it makes over the ten years in total.

Her grades were pretty low and that was attacked. The RINO in contention is McCormick, the foreign agent Oz.  There were various things in comments, some worth looking at.

One said that she had said that MAGA was not Trump, it was the people, others said she had a chip on her shoulder about whites.  One soldier said her attitude was bad and he was glad to come down hard on her.  Another said female blacks were the worst soldiers - lazy and self-entitled.

She lost badly to the white Demrat woman in 2020 but that was the House, not the Senate. So ... if the other two are out because of the above, what about her?  Penn State is not looking too good.


  1. Man from the West Country

    War Room snippets..

    Liz Yore: Cardinal Zen Arrested in Hong Kong

    Casey Chalk's New Book On 'Courageous Christians' Battling Oppression In Muslim Lands

  2. 13 - Don't know about Tucker, but I have an issue with D'Souza. He's complaining that no one mentions the film that *everyone* should see, waken the masses to what's going on etc.. except that the film that D'Souza wants everyone to see requires payment to watch.

    How many normies are going to pay to watch? I'd guess not many. Meanwhile D'Souza has raked in over $1m since the film's release, on the back of the pre-release hype.

    I take nothing away from the film itself or the work gone into it, but if D'Souza wants the film spread far and wide he's going about it in the wrong way. He could easily have released it on his Rumble channel for everyone to see, if he was so concerned about election fraud.

    1. Man from the West Country

      It was up on Bitchute (for free) within 48 hours of being premiered. I know, I posted it under Yer tiz..

    2. I'd be happy to say I was wrong, however when I went to see it, you either had to take out a $5 a month subscription to his locals channel (which I guess would be for a year) or pay $30 to download it. This was only a couple of nights ago. I haven't seen it on Rumble or anywhere for that matter, despite searches, only the 3 minute trailer is available. Not that I have to see it, we all know what's gone on with the US election. I'm just nosey. If you ran the full documentary here I must have missed it.

    3. We did have a url but firstly I'd lost where it was until MftWC said now, also not well just now. I was watching it. If our man can remember which post it was, otherwise I'll just work my way back through.

    4. Man from the West Country

      Save yourself the time, James..

      2000 Mules By Dinesh D’Souza Documentary (1hr 28mins)

    5. Many thanks to MftWC. I'm happy to be wrong and take back my suspicions about D'Souza. I had imagined that if he had released it on Rumble, within 24 hours the place would be awash with copies. Bitchute was one of the places I looked but the search facility has never worked that well. Grabbed and saved to view later.

      Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope you feel better as the day wears on. Apologies also for the lack of ferreting, I'm trying to finish off upstairs as quickly as possible, so that I can sleep in a bed again (when I've built it), instead of a sleeping bag on the sofa. Had quite a few unforeseen problems but all are fixed now.