Saturday, May 21, 2022

Saturday [5 to 7]


7.  Evets

a.  Ukraine

Russian Special Military Operation In Ukraine, Military Expert's Opinion – Interview

b.  The US and NATO Are Waging War With Russia in Ukraine… But Russia Is Assured of Victory – Russell Bentley

c.  What's the Deal with Germany?

d.  US & UK anti-ship missiles. EU panic over Ukraine wheat. Erdogan trolls Finland & Sweden. Update 1

e.  Russia won't export food. Zakharova tells Kuleba to 'Swallow' and other stories from SpB

f.  The 'players'..

Elites at World Economic Forum annual meeting to be guarded by a 5,000-person army, ‘no-fly’ zone

6.  Ian J

The professional view of the latest 'scare story':

Is this a re-run?

5.  Oz 'election'

Was going to run something but what's the point?  Same as any other western country ... uniparty ... that's it.


  1. not relevant to big issues! was reading bayourenaissanceman this morning and saw a ref to weather forecasts for arthritis on this site:
    It accepts UK postcodes and looks comprehensive (and NOT the BBC) - I shall be monitoring it

    1. I have used AccuWeather in the past and never knew about the other features. Thanks for that.