Saturday, May 14, 2022

Saturday [13 to 15]

19:38:  Film finished for me with a good ending, just as Liverpool won, which for me was also a good ending.  

Going to start with a couple of drops I saw in passing from the boys, then go to the review of the film [all spoilers there, so avoid if you plan watching it.]  Order of posts is downwards, not upwards this time.

13.  Reggid

14.  Evets

War Room snippets..

Dr Robert Malone: Biden Admin. Proposed WHO Amendments “An Impeachable Offense”

'Discolored Breast Milk': Naomi Wolf Examines The Pfizer Documents

15.  Review of "Invasion"

Spoilers follow

Film is sooooo relevant to today.  I've just been looking at the Wiki account, maybe the best one, going into production, problems, the political subplot, everyone either claiming there was not or else it was about McCarthyism or else about the original contention ... about communism taking over people, turning them into pod people.

To be fair, the physical sequences of the two leads being hubted down were very nasty or nazi, while the brainwashing seemed to be referencing communism.  There's enough doubt that your choice is your choice on this.  The cast claimed it was not deliberately political.

The most poignant moment for me was at 54:00 or so, where the two leads agreed they were no way going to live in a grey, nothing world where everything was free, there was no pain and all was even.  They chose being on the run, a living hell, every former human now subhuman and enemy.

The whole thing is so close to 2022, it's uncanny.  Imagine a scenario where every doctor and nurse, every policeman, lawyer, news outlet, one's own family are Them ... pod people.  Chilling, eh?  Could only be in a horror movie?

End spoilers


  1. Man from the West Country

    Clanet Povid (Global Covid Summit Edition):

    "We Declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, AstraZeneca…Be Immediately Indicted for Fraud."

    The Pfizer Documents: What Is Pfizer Really Up To?

    Neutralizing Antibodies and Cytokines in Breast Milk After Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) mRNA Vaccination

    Christopher Chope: Harm from Covid vaccinations. Don’t leave victims behind.

  2. Man from the West Country


    Ukraine "Wins" Battle of Kharkov that Never Happened

    The US plan to fight Russia Revealed in 2019 Report - Inside Russia Report

    Top Russian Official Says NATO Risks Nuclear War as Turkey Opposes Sweden and Finland Joining

    UK's Soviet Weapons Shopping Spree Reveals Ukraine's Weakness