Saturday, May 14, 2022

Saturday [10 to 12]

Afternoon all.

12.  FA Cup

Today.  I was going to listen to this but not today.

11.  If Vetes still doesn't mind

... going through these hoops, we're plenty happy to accompany him.

10.  Weird scenes inside the goldmine

Quite keen to point out that our focus is entirely on the material, not the messenger- as you'll see here, we concentrate on Southfront as an anomaly today or recently we could say.

As for me, I'm not saying it's wrong that they were blown away but it sure doesn't seem that way, given what we know of the two sides' modus operandi, plus those other factors:

Ripper: "MftWC, regarding the piece on Russian losses (southfront). This is obvious to me as Ukrainian propaganda. Not only are there very stark inconsistencies in the photos (no dead bodies, no markings on the destroyed vehicles, no missile craters etc) but to throw men/equipment at 5 failed attempts is not the way the Russians fight, and this news item doesn't show up in any other sources. However Andrei Martyanov mentions it in passing. He is worth checking out for a good source of info, as is Larry Johnson, Gonzalo Lira and Patrick Lancaster if you really want to know what's happening in Ukraine.

Larry Johnson

To date, SouthFront have been a largely reliable source. I don't know why they put this story out, but I do suspect that there's something amiss with them recently."

What's happening with Southfront?  It's a legit question - it's who still runs it, how much money changed hands, what threats there were ... and from whom.  On a far more minor level, readers know of our own troubles, whom I don't criticise, except occasionally ... all sorts of things. Readers can still judge by the editorial line. 


  1. Clue is only half in the url.

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