Thursday, May 26, 2022

Thursday [1 to 3]

Morning all.  Light just emerged and so did I [no talk of 'from under rocks' at the back there].

3.  Haiku

... puzzles me.  He seems to [almost] only read crap journals, from the BBC to Woke rags such as this one:

Perhaps it's an attempt to 'balance things up', to be 'more evenhanded' ... or perhaps it's something else.  Like Julia at OoL.  She's forever quoting the Guardian and debunking it and that's fine if that's her thang [sic].  Someone has to. I admire those wading through those ordure soaked rags.  Well done.

2.  Man from that mystery place

[Steve - in groups of seven or eight items like this, readers get a breathing space in comments to go explore each part before the next lot.  Thus there are some very interesting articles there and I'd comment on Russia - the western elite has always underestimated the obstinacy of Russians ... always ... from Napoleon to Hitler to Britain in the Crimea.

Remember - I've lived there, I've seen it at close hand every day - and man, they're obstinate.  They will fight to the last man or woman for Mother Russia.  Does globo-mania, inc. all western leaders, plan to wipe out two hndred million Russian speakers?  Sheer criminal insanity, costing us millions of lives too.]

1.  The punning clan

There are four elements to my planned day - first get the various items up, inc. the Stevedrops, second get around to various close people, third domestic issues here and there are some, inc. health and yard, fourth steam ahead on the revamped book, the novel, possibly my last one as it takes it out of me.  I'm three quarters of the way there, fifth continue the fight in this war.

On Steve, it would help immensely if you could group seven or eight items per drop and put some sort of subheading, maybe as a variation of your name, e.g. MftWC, Evets, Laramie, whatever, otherwise, with all the incoming here, they tend to get lost, not to mention interested parties removing you. 

Thus, I say to myself on going to a certain page in the rounds - hang on, I didn't see that Laramie drop from last night in the mail [notif].  So I go to one of the other places it goes to and there it is. Ah.  Someone's gaying plames again.  No matter.  Nothing more than that, just send them as you do, no editing required of each item, I'll do that - different appearance on ONO to NOWP.

But do group them separately please, it's far easier for a man functioning on one cylinder and feeling his age to find at this time.  Ta muchly and all nice things. 


  1. I don't use T*****, but somehow this comes as no surprise;

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