Monday, May 23, 2022

Monday [9 to 11]


11.  DAD

A (probable) battery operating bus on fire at Potter's Bar.

There is an interesting comment on WAWT

Louis Hunt
May 23, 2022 12:17 am
Recent headlines:
Mar 29, 2022 — California’s Modesto City Schools ordered 30 Blue Bird All American Type D electric school buses to convert nearly half of its fleet…
Apr 8, 2022 — New York State legislators have agreed a budget that includes committing the state to 100% electric school buses by 2035.
MAY. 20, 2022 — The Biden administration announced Friday it’s making $500 million available to school districts and other eligible operators and contractors to replace their fleet of diesel school buses with electric ones.

What could go wrong? If they can’t abort them, they’ll find another way to reduce future generations.

10.  Phantom Digger

Article from 2001 on Durham.

9.  Housekeeping - comments

Just before this, comments were via a pop-up window, they've now gone back to embed below post [default].

As the variants are tried, please make a mental note which ones suit you and which don't.


  1. Dr Zelenko's health update.

  2. I saw this bus too, not sure if electric but many of the sungle deck ones are.
    Huge fireball and destroyed the road.

  3. It's suggested the buses were hybrids, but on a 10 ton double decker even a short range battery is going to be substantial...

  4. for next years calendar:
    it's started already, it seems, Good old Billy!