Monday, May 16, 2022

Monday [8 to 12]

Afternoon all.

12.  NOWP

MftWC [2] Various topics.

11.  Briggsy's guest has the right of it

What’s my point? Russia is fixated on the Throne of Constantinople. And the West is fixated on denying it to her. Even though it is always Russia that has to pull the European fat from the fire when maniacs like Napoleon and Hitler appear.

It’s really a pretty simple formula. Until Russia can reach a warm-water port, she is effectively nothing but a land-power. 

It's more than just the port biz, it's what he wrote about Orthodoxy ... and that's my aim too ... retake Constantinople and free the Hagia Sophia, fumigate it of the C7th cuckoo's detritus. Volodyo Grozni.

I and others have said many, many times and shall keep saying it ... this is a very ancient war involving both the physical and spiritual worlds.  This, chaps and chapesses, is quite heavy stuff, to be Frank.

10.  Mount Pilatus

Think we've had this before ... no matter:

9.  Haiku

What's your poison?

Some Mary Jane is stronger than others, it seems.  Florida wedding food allegedly laced with marijuana.

Uh huh.

I know your name I know your game
Sweet Mary Jane you're quite insane

8.  Shops

I can only go by my local shopkeeper's word and that word is that there's no sign yet of lack of supply.  Then again, I now know where their supplies come from, they're not entirely western.  I mentioned the quality of food last week, as in not great, but today was pretty good, even down to greens.  We can only keep our eye on it.


  1. "Even though it is always Russia that has to pull the European fat from the fire when maniacs like Napoleon and Hitler appear." Oh balls. They were no use against Kaiser Bill, were they, or Louis XIV, or - if you wish to misclassify him as a maniac - Bismarck.

  2. I've been noticing items missing from shelves for some time - before Putin's special operation got underway. Neither Aldi or Lidl have had any toffees, or toffee eclairs since early this year, and Sainsbury's haven't got any of their own brand either, just a few bags of Cadbury's eclairs for double the price. Sainsbury's own brand bread sticks have also recently vanished. Aldi's own brand washing machine liquid is also missing in the larger sizes. There are others I can't think of at the moment, but none are particularly unusual products, so I think there IS something going on.

  3. And Kleenex have taken the opportunity to almost double the cost of what used to be called 'Man-size' tissues by putting less of them in smaller (woke?) packs for virtually the same price, at te same time restricting distribution of supermarket own-brands

  4. I have been doing pretty well stocking up, probably 1-2 months of edibles, but the boy laughs at the powdered mash and tinned chicken. But already having to restock the tuna and salmon he eats, not to mention pasta and flour.