Monday, May 23, 2022

Monday [5 to 8]

Covfefe required.

8.  Lana Lokteff

... is a honey married to Henrick P and I wonder, if they're on the right, why she does not take his surname.  Never mind. 

Anyway, she has all these women on a vlogcast on Gab and I'm really not a fan of those things as nobody gets a fair say, least of all Henrick ... it seems a monumental waste of time.

And the topic ... Lewis Hamilton is far right and he has a casting couch?  Whaaa?  Only women would discuss that, plus me.  To sit around and listen to that ... you'd have to love those wimmin I suppose.  But there's something more here.

What does it achieve?  Talkfest.  Without being rude or arrogant, we have here feeds and drops from a variety of people bringing data updates - that's the aim.

Don't get me wrong - she's one hot lady [note to self - must look for wimmin for this afternoon's post], the others are probably very nice but what a honey trap, when I should be covering a bit of territory after the late start.

7.  MftWC drop two


6.  Your call on soc-med

... esp. the new platforms.  I'd advise caution as well.

5.  Housekeeping

Health was a bit rough there for awhile, let's see now.  Seems ok.  Hence the late start, sorry.

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  1. Article from 2001 on Durham.