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09:43:  Just back from shopping.  Interesting it was.  Next post for that.

7.  Homo NPCus

6.  This one I saw on Gab

... and methinks it does need posting, being one of our main concerns.  No idea of veracity, it doesn't hurt to be aware:

"A 15-year-old teenager who went to a Dallas Mavericks game with her dad, became part of a living nightmare when she went to the restroom and never came back, only later to be found through nude advertisements for sex trafficking online in Oklahoma City by her terrified parents.

The North Texas teenager disappeared on April 8th at the American Airlines Center. The girl was caught on surveillance video leaving with a man. She was missing for 11 days.

On April 18, police found the girl in a room at the Extended Stay America hotel where she had been repeatedly sold and sexually abused. The hotel is over 200 miles from where she was taken, WFAA reported.

A lawsuit has been filed by the family against a number of organizations over the incident. They claim it could have been stopped but wasn’t.

“She was gone missing a total of 11 days,” attorney Zeke Fortenberry told WFAA. He is representing the family in their lawsuit.

The attorney issued a statement that named the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Police Department, and the American Airlines Center as groups that could have potentially intervened to prevent the abduction but didn’t.

The father attempted to file a missing person’s report with the police according to Fortenberry. He was told to contact the North Richland Hills Police where he lives and then was told to go home. When he contacted the North Richland Hills Police, they claimed they could not help because the incident occurred in Dallas.

“The family was frustrated,” Fortenberry noted. “After days of not getting any information from the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Police not taking any action, the family sought out the help of this agency in Houston.”

They found their daughter with help from the human trafficking agency Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative in Houston which used facial-recognition technology according to WFAA.

“That agency was able to help them locate the photograph of their daughter online within the same day,” the attorney commented.

The girl was rescued by the Oklahoma City Police. Eight people who were involved in her abduction and trafficking were arrested. They were charged with human trafficking, distribution of child pornography, and rape.

Fortenberry reported that the Dallas police didn’t even request a photo of the girl."


Time us chaps sat in a room, no names, no pack drill, and spoke in generalities.  In former days, there was always white trafficking [see Decline and Fall] and these people therefore make a fortune.  

That fortune is only partly used on their own luxuries.  Some launder it into legit businesses, some into rackets, some into 'philanthropy' [always beware a 'philanthropist' who cites that in his or her blurb], many into politics, bribery, corruption.  Any disagreement so far?

And this thing is her, as well as him ... the number of women involved is dismaying, against their own sisters and daughters. I'm not even going near the homo stuff in this post, just the hetero.

The bulk of you, I'd hazard a guess, are not doing these things like procuring and grooming but you are part of that economy if you access porn of that type.  Thing was, in days of yore, you had to buy your Playboy and/or go to that seedy shop in town, hopefully with the door in a side street.  Even so, there was always someone at work or school who was the one with the harder material.

That was quite different to the ubiquity now and the anonymity.  And the lack of having to pay anything. So they do have to make their money somehow - how would you say they make the money?  On clicks?

Or else to not see what's staring us in the face - it's not there for Them to make money, as with CNN - audience share is irrelevant - it's to destroy society by first hooking you into it ... and then meeting the demand with supply, i.e. underage kids, saying 'they're all of age' being a pretence.  

This is a racket and anyone accessing the wares is financially supporting it, indirectly perhaps, but still supporting it.

Now, I'm no way approaching this from a moral or religious angle in this post but from a political.  What is the only way for the underpinnings to be cut out from under these people?  

Stop using the product, eh?  Easier said than done. 

So we sublimate it. This afternoon, there are four Wimmin Doin Sommit, Whatever.  Only one pic approaches risque, there are certainly a few in Microdave's last lot which are a bit ... daring ... and frankly, I use what can be used in the post, keep those I'd not object if anyone saw them on my desktop ... and any others go straight to bin.

Not because they're unattractive but because they're too alluring, best not to know.  And nothing whatever which would undercut my argument here.

What do I want chaps to do?  Just think it through, boys, that's all, just think it through ... think through what the whole industry is set up to play on.

5.  Reggid

No time to look through this to verify this week due to RL issues. No idea how reliable this website is.

Adios amigos.

4.  NOWP

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  1. No time to look through this to verify this week due to RL issues. No idea how reliable this website is.

    Make of it what you will.

    Adios amigos.