Monday, May 23, 2022

Monday [12 to 18]

A bit out of it here today, readers.  Struggling a bit.

18.  It's inevetsable

Many items.

17.  Phantom Digger

Dr Zelenko's health update.

16.  Ian J

For next years calendar: 

It's started already, it seems, Good old Billy!

15.  In yer ear

Amazing Polly on gain of function pox viruses.

14.  And this is from ggl images

13.  This is from Anonymous Conservative

12.  This is where I first encountered Rachel Madcow

... and the egregious MSNBC:

2011 I think it was.


  1. An interesting discussion on the Saker;
    Little news anywhere on current situation, but for the sake of the ukranians, I hope their puppet government (and the NATO poodles) comes to its senses soon

  2. Man from the West Country

    Clanet Povid (Heads Will Roll Edition):

    CDC admits to deliberately withholding incriminating COVID jab data from the public to minimize “vaccine hesitancy”

    British National TV Narrative Flip: GB News On Vaccines: Mark Steyn

    First-ever Global Monkeypox Outbreak happens in exact week “Predicted” in Biosecurity Simulation a year before

  3. Man from the West Country


    Frontline Battle Rages For Control Of Donbass In The Ukraine - Russia War (Special Report Under Fire)

    Sweden Finland to NATO - US Russian Economy Compared

    Switzerland also wanted to be closer to NATO

    Ukraine & Poland merge. US & UK militarize Moldova. Belgium back to quarantine. Update 2

    Of Interest:

    The Human Battery, a New Source of “Green” Energy

    The New World Order Prepares Their Final Attack!