Monday, May 16, 2022

Monday [1 to 3]

Morning all.

3.  Human stupidity or human mendacity?

DS mailing today:

The Chair of the U.K. independent public Covid inquiry, Baroness Heather Hallett, has told the Prime Minister she wants her inquiry to cover vaccine side-effects and fatalities. The Mail has the story.
By the way, a chair can't do anything, it's an inanimate object.  There is, however, a chairman or chairwoman.

2.  Housekeeping

Without over- explaining, I need to have NOWP such that it does three things:

a.  Makes it easier for the reader to scroll down topic by topic.  Thus I'm again numbering by topic at the top of each 'group of comments on a topic', rather than by each separate comment, and if that platform and theme play fair as they should, it should be much easier to follow. 

Any new comment on that particular topic would probably appear there as part of that topic.

b.  Makes it easier for me to do, with minimum fuss.  It's like a diet ... the more realistic and doable on a regular basis, the more sustainable it is.  If I'm ill or under the hammer, I need a simpler system of numbering.  See 'c':

c.  Makes the total scroll down less.  I'm finding that over 10 topics, it gets a bit 'drudgy' to keep scrolling so my job includes opening a new thread once it gets to 9 or 10 topics.

It then depends on you the reader.  Usually the old thread stays live and overlaps a couple of days, no bad thing, but it means you decide on which one to leave a new drop/comment.  All I can do is set up the structure to make it easier for both of us.

Covenant with the reader

Obviously, to number this way, I have to enter the comment itself in order to insert the numbering.  Have a look at NOWP 116 and you'll see what I've done.  The covenant with you is that that's all I've done and all I shall do, nothing in the content looked at whatever, not even typos corrected.  It's purely a formatting thing.

Should you yourself want something altered, then leave the comment a second time, in corrected form, I'll then ensure it replaces the old as is, then I'll delete your new 'instructional' comment to me.

Very, very rarely, e.g. with the Elton John photo, I shan't leave something gross up.  The only way I can think of is burying it and the only way of burying it is to start a new thread.  It's still there ... only buried.  On the other hand, if there's a pattern of 'grossity', I'll warn then remove an image.  This also applies to copyright, defamation etc., where I'm duty bound to remove.  Most bloggers do this. If it goes on, we have to temporarily block.  

All this is the blogger's burden and don't think for one moment that libertarian bloggers don't do this.  Right at this moment, there's a fellow blogger in my rolls who is removing any comment I make, no matter how innocuous.  I'm monitoring it.  All I can say is I try to operate as lighthandedly as poss with regulars, doing as I'd like done with me.  My directive to self is things are too busy anyway, don't interfere, only when imperative.  You can judge my actions by just observing them, everything's open here.

d.  One last tech matter ... I notice that when I insert the comment permalink in the comment over there, it converts it to the general permalink.  The specific permalink only works outside of NOWP, e.g. here [see Mon 1 below].  This is a quirk of WP, nowt I can do.

1.  NOWP

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