Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday [9 to 12]

Afternoon all.

12.  Two screenshots


  1. From the Daily Sceptic, about Italy: ""nearly everyone has a mask around their wrist, like a talisman of which they just cannot let go". Was he poking fun at Roman Catholics, do you think? Or just at Eyeties?

  2. #10. Andy - it makes me cry - when a half-baked government won't apply existing laws and make up unworkable fantasies like this, and the sheeple believe it will happen!!!! The nudge unit have excelled themselves here

  3. Man from the West Country

    War Room snippets..

    Engelbrecht to “2000 Mules” Detractor: “Bring It”

    COVID19 Genome Sequencing Records Removed at Request of PRC Scientists

    'We Are At War': Naomi Wolf Breaks Down The WHO's Plan To Seize Power

    Kathy Barnette Responds To Criticisms Stemming From The Left And Establishment

  4. Welcome to the asylum :)

    "NEW - Biden's sister invites Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, to join the Democratic Party because she would "of course" make a good presidential candidate."

    And unrelated

    JUST IN - Russia to cut power supply to Finland from tomorrow.

  5. I can think of no words to describe this abomination.

    James, I will understand if you choose not to allow this to go through moderation.

  6. Breitbart. Bearded ladies no longer an unusual attraction at the circus.

    1. My sister is devastated, there goes her second income (not really, we have been insulting each other for more than fifty years).