Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday [1]

1.  Look, chaps and chapesses

... if something needs saying, it has to be said, not kept shtum.  There's something going on, something, frankly, which seems maniacal [I mean in RL, outside, physically in our area].  There's a full blown construction project going on ... at 2:34 a.m.  Residents of the area were not warned, as they would have been for roadworks.

My feeling is that if this is ongoing industrial park work in perpetuity, fine, I can wear that without a problem, no one can crash more fully at night and sleep through but if, on the other hand, it means rapidly putting up housing for 'you know who' ... then nope, no bleedin' way.  But that's another issue for further down the track.

More importantly for now, in a 'global forces of resistance' way, is this comment which one of ours seems to have tacked on and it's more vital than at first supposed:
I have given up on Voxday. Much as he often speaks much sense I am fed up with being blamed for all the world's ills and insulted because of my year of birth.

When I first saw Vox start that s***, regulars will know I half struck back ... but only half ... and his response was only half too, as one of our commenters mentioned.  So I started exploring and self-examining and you know, if he was thinking of the Ginsburgs etc. while going on at Boomers, then now he's finally explaining.  

And you know what ... it makes some sense ... allow me to explain if I can, this is a new twist for me.

Let's take an outrageous act or attitude which impacts further down the track.  Let's call this Year Zero.  Ok, so let's imagine that this is during the second half of the 60s.  Woodstock is a perfect example of leftist, drug-addled hedonism and me me me me me, which we rail against today in millennials and post-millennials ... not all of course, but a substantial portion.

There's Vox railing against this attitude ... hell, I've even posted on Zappa and Laurel Canyon myself, quoting various people.  It was no accident, chaps and chapesses.  Hanoi Jane was no accident either.  And the intransigence of the Stetson-hatted good ole boys and McCarthy was no accident either.

Why is it always left to the obnoxious or curmudgeonly to have Damascene moments?

So I see McCarthy [50s], Enoch, you lot yourselves ... as quite necessary people in resisting, as well as chickling at your style.  Yuri Bezmenov was not altogether a nice man.  GB Shaw said all progress is due to the unreasonable, not the reasonable.  

But so is destruction, only I'd argue that destruction is due to the myrmidons, karens and sheeple who simply ask, 'How high?'

To get back to this Year Zero notion, it's not something out of the blue, it's no immaculate conception.  For those people to act destructively, it's the sum total of the person's age, e.g. yoof-full ignorance, tempered by propaganda through school and college, it's the whole bollox age of aquarius, Laurel Canyon etc.  Such attractive songs, such riffs, such rhythms.  Such self-destructive lyrics and we had no idea. Weed, acid and later coke and designer narcs?  Talk about soma.

Yuri B saw it from outside but he could not see beyond these people doing these destructive things, oblivious of what they were sleepwalking into.  What did Jesus of Nazareth say?  For they know not what they do?

Does that let the hippy cult off the hook [later the businessmen and women of the 80s, 90s and beyond]?  Does it hell, that's pure Wokeness not to accept responsibility for one's actions and attitudes.  But at the same time, there really is a historical factor behind it.

These children of the 50s and 60s, the flower power lot, plus the British gangs in towns ... all manipulated.  All.  Do as thou wilt, spouting words of love, man and hitting women over the head with bicycle chains if opposed ... it's vile, as Vox pointed out.  Abandoning a girl and going off on your adventure, having used and abused,as  a plague of locusts, Ken Kesey's Merry Jesters, Hunter S. Thompson whom I once asked a question of.  

This is not just a Christian judgment, although they're certainly part of the resistance vanguard.  But now, an entire, large proportion of the population is questioning the narrative. Thank goodness.  Finally.

And who were the influences?  The beat poets.  And who were these people?  Ashkenazis and others.  Which goes way back to their influences ... Adorno and similar, it came out of that horror era, these people maybe vowed revenge on the west ... or maybe on humanity itself.

I mean, just look at them now ... out of control, totally unchecked, all checks and balances designed to disintegrate when tested.  Does that happen overnight?  No, it doesn't.  Groundwork has been laid like a set of WTC7 detonators, also as in pre-WW2 Finland.

So yes, Vox is a pain at times but so am I.  Let me quote reader Steve W at OoL:

“How many people are actually still reading this post and for that matter, how many saw my name and immediately turned away?”  Superb levels of self awareness.  Just to add, I generally find your posts on here to be amongst my least favourite and amongst those I agree with least, however, that shouldn’t stop one reading them.

This post, however, was absolutely excellent and had I been amongst those who just ignore posts by those with whom I disagree I would be diminished by that wilful ignorance.  Keep it up James, like I said, even though I largely disagree, that in no way diminishes the value you get from writing or I get from reading your posts.  [Reader Steve W] 

If that's so, then I'm in fine company.  People, there really are seeds of doom, it's a fine expression ... remember 12-atonalism in music?  Designed from the start.  The architect of woes must really hate humanity.  Yep, he does.

And us?  Methinks we have to set aside for awhile our righteous indignation at one of us lashing out and try to fathom why Globo is doing these things.  And then oppose that lot to the death.  Otherwise it will be ours and our children's children's.  There is no place for Eloi-ism.  The war is on.  We're up to our ears in it.

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  1. Yes James, we are at war but like an army of footsoldiers we need appropriate arms and a general to direct us. We currently have neither and what we do have is largely ineffectual. There were fighters on our side in the past, Enoch, Mary Whitehouse, even Joe MacCarthy, we don't have many like that now and those we do have are often mistrusted by some of us.