Monday, May 23, 2022

Femmes fatales ... a novel idea

 Casting for the novel [previously two novellas]:

It's not difficult to write the men - they're different types, different walks of life, they pretty well write themselves but the issue is that there are very few good pictures available online of the sort of man in each role in the novel ... while there are tens of thousands of pictures of women.

These are just four of the dozens above, the femmes fatales, all pictures need to be monochrome for the site gallery, so the gun gal is going to need GIMP - that's the most recent, the others have been on file for years.

Why bother posting pictures at all of the characters?  Well, in the case of the women, they're based on real life characters with a bit of poetic licence, I need a visual template for each because I describe them in fine detail.  Far easier to just look at the picture and describe some characteristic or quirk in the picture.

Can't see myself writing another longish semi-fiction piece ... it's taking it out of me ensuring the continuity ... plus blogging.

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