Thursday, February 10, 2022

Thursday [1 to 6]

[0753]  Another late sleep in, only just awoke.  Much to write on, response from my Russian mate on the Slog article, we need to talk niacin soon.  My estimate 0830 for first post.

6.  Ripper again [see N4 below]

Does that need spelling out?

5.  Steve

a.  Arizona:

Arizona House Speaker Turncoat Rusty Bowers: “Mr Finchem’s Obviously Unconstitutional And Profoundly Unwise Proposal Will Receive All The Consideration It Deserves”

b.  Georgia:

Secretary of State Raffensperger Facilitated Ballot Harvesting in Georgia – Then Defended Results with Completely Bogus Report (VIDEO)

c.  Colorado:

Colorado Election Clerk Tina Peters Who Refused to Break the Law and Delete 2020 Data from Her County’s Voting Machines Arrested on Bullshit Charges

d.  The Donald:

President Trump: “They Are So Desperate To Hide The Truth, They’ll Make It Criminal To Speak It!”

e.  Evidence Fusion GPS Was Provided Sensitive Private Information for Their Hit Pieces from the US Government

f.  Freedom Convoy:

Freedom Convoy Organizers Reiterate Demands For a “Permanent” End to ALL Tyrannical Covid Mandates, Not a Temporary One – Will Stay Until It Happens (VIDEO)

g.  Alberta Premier Ends Covid Vaccine Passport System – Effective Tonight at Midnight

h.  Italy’s Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano Endorses the Canadian Truck Drivers Against the New World Order (VIDEO and Transcript)

i.  Devastating Presentation “Exposing Military Corruption During COVID-19” Sent to Members of Congress

j.  DOD Caught in Major Scandal: US Military Caught in Severe Data Manipulation Following COVID Reveal — No Way “Revised” Numbers Are Real

k.  Dr Fauci: US Exiting ‘Full-Blown’ Phase of Pandemic — After Saying We Are in the First Stage of COVID Just 3 Weeks Ago

l.  6-Year-Old Child Develops Myocarditis Two Days After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

Also here:

4.  Ripper

James - can't get on twitter any more, am getting the same as you did. For weeks now I've been circumventing the 'sign up now' popup by deleting twitter cookies, then am ok for a while, but tonight the popup reappears almost immediately. I have one more trick to try, which is to block the element (popup overlay), but in the meantime have found a site that lets you view threads without a twitter account. You can only view trending threads rather than individual tweets but I found the trucker tweets by searching by country. Here is the site:

For downloading videos from twitter, grab the url and paste into here:

Anyway, here's what I got.

a.  Indian ambassador

b.  CTV reporters in Ottawa suggesting trucker's children be taken away

c.  Ignore Canada for the moment. Look where the UK is on this chart

d.  How truckers are getting fuel in

e.  Truckers taking care of the homeless

3.  Housekeeping

There are formatting issues at this place [Blgr/Ggl].  When I put the text in Normal, it changes it to Small in the case of some of the imported text which uses 'webkit'.  It's a monumental pain to reverse it, involving taking the text between urls you send, putting them direct to html, no webkit, then inserting urls in Compose.

For those without a clue what I'm saying, also see Ripper's in N4 above concerning Twatter.  Blgr has always been an issue that way but it seems there is still a bit of stick going on all the same - I suspect Twatter and others of putting in unfriendly formatting code.  Blog posting is not just taking, putting in and publishing, folks, it also takes some countering of sloppy or malevolent coding first.

2.  On the Slog article

My mate has replied and we have a discussion coming up where he wants to respond item by item.  Thought this might happen so it's on hold.  His initial feel is it's wrong.  Not sure of the timing of all this, might be tomorrow.

1.  First off, PD's reply to Andy and Toodles [mailed]

Andy, I was swamped too by the papers and suchlike in that thread but I felt it was important to share as someone might benefit from it.

@alaiacin replied to @arwenstar (Nat) after she posted an update on the current situ of her partner's health probs. Dr Dmitry Katz is the doc behind this protocol

Here's some of his work

My take away from the thread is there is concern that HCQ and Ivor McTin isn't the only route to deal with the virus and Kats produces evidence in those papers he links to in that thread that using them can be dangerous. He's looked into Flush Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) and Serine and other amino acids as, in his opinion, safer treatments.

I'm not a scientist and none of the above is medical advice.

I'd add that Flush Niacin is a difficult to get as HCQ and Ivor McTin.

Hope that helps a bit. Kats has a telegram group but I can't access that because I only have a dumb phone.

[That was in response to Wed 21.]


  1. Another resource (yet to be investigated thoroughly but looks interesting so far)

  2. A question to ponder from Clif H

    "Their Last Card - How will they play it?"

  3. Psycho alert in Germany.

    "Health Minister Lauterbach says "in Germany, it's not enough just to get on the nerves of the unvaccinated, you have to do more," in an AFP interview.

    He urges the swift introduction of compulsory vaccinations in the general population."

    He reminds me of the chap purported to have died in a bunker some years ago. Just needs a 'tache....

  4. Re the Twitter "Pop Up" - I started getting this yesterday, and found the following posted at Reddit:

    "I hate this feature so much that I spent some time researching exactly how it works, and how to defeat it. If you install uBlock Origin (an ad blocking plugin for Chrome & Firefox), then you can not only remove this modal popup from twitter, you can remove it from ANY website. Credit to Alan976 for posting the uBlock Origin script to remove the modal popup.

    You go to your filters in uBlock Origin, and add the following lines.[role='dialog'][id$='PromoSlot']>body:style(overflow:visible

    That first line is optional, and removes a hideous blue bar at the bottom of the screen. The last two lines are critical, and can be applied to any website that "blocks" you from reading the rest of the page. Often this blocking method is that they simply add a style to the body tag of the page that tells Chrome to not provide a scroll bar or render anything beyond the bottom of the page. This irritating tag is called "overflow: hidden". Those last two lines tell uBlock Origin to override this style for website's body tag. The style "overflow: hidden" is almost completely useless, so you are safe to always replace it with "overflow: visible"

    I found it stops the PopUp in Palemoon (a derivative of Firefox), but somewhat annoyingly, the vertical scroll bar on the righthand side disappears after a few seconds. From then on you can only move up or down with the keyboard arrows.

    So - for now - not perfect, but better than nothing!

    1. MD - Thanks for that, this is exactly what I planned to do. However it didn't work out so good for me since when the scroll bar disappeared my arrow keys stopped working as well. I'm on Firefox.

      One thing I observed as I've been trying a few more ublock filters, is that I could scroll all the way, as long as I kept hitting the 'show more replies' link. If I let the link scroll more than an inch up from the bottom of the browser window the scroll bar disappeared and the page froze. I'm thinking that there is another 'more tweets' modal window, without scroll bar underneath.

      Anyway I've created a new filter which removes the black cookie bar. Just insert this filter as the top line of your twitter block in my filters.

      Also the last two lines of your filters are missing closing brackets.

      If you want the scroll bar back, either delete or comment out those last two lines with ! and replace them with this one: auto !important;)

  5. 1 - Nicotinic acid? The initial data from China way back pre panic suggested that smokers were less likely to contract Covid, it was one of the first things to get censored.

  6. 1. Thanks PD, that helps.
    2. I eagerly await.
    3. Until this morning I have been able to open twits although I'm not signed up. Today I got the sign up or log in demand, no X to close window. Their loss.