Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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We’re publishing today a piece by Josie Appleton on the introduction in France today of the beefed-up vaccine passports and how they signify the almost mystical role the vaccines have taken on during the pandemic. Josie – who is author of Toxic Sociality – Reflections on a Pandemic and Officious – Rise of the Busybody State – sees in this an undermining of medical ethics that only harms vaccination itself.

5.  Torquaymada

b.  I'm finding Clif High rather thought provoking in this interview (and one can listen as you launder or whatever)


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... they don't make em as they used to:


  1. The Daily Wail whipping up a hate mob in comments against Eric Clapton, just by changing one word in the headline. Great example of how to make someone look like an idiot.

    The word that the DM are looking for is 'PSYCHOSIS' which is a different thing completely.


    1. Steve

      Clapton did say 'hypnosis' - he said "the theory of mass hypnosis.." in a live chat with someone from The Real Music Observer. Here it is 34 mins 52 secs in:

      War Room

      Episode 1,588 - Defeat The Mandate Testifies To Ron Johnson; Market Crashes


      BTW the whole of it with Dr Malone - with the Clapton clip - is from 23 mins 20 secs. Unmissable toward the end.

  2. Steve


    I'm watching the Ron Johnson hearing put up by Torquaymada - about an hour in now and I'm going to watch it all. Essential viewing in my opinion and the point made (starts 1:24:00) by Senator Johnson, in a return to Dr Urso about 'practicing medicine', is critical: so how were a majority of doctors dissuaded from fulfilling their role as healers with early and aggressive interventions? There's a lot more to come but the answer to that question could be the reason why hundreds of thousands of Americans needlessly died. The whole thing on Rumble:

    COVID-19: A Second Opinion


    1. This needs splitting up into more manageable chunks. At 5 1/2 hours it is just too long and most people won't go beyond the first hour or so. I'm watching it too but in chunks because there are other things pressing.

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    1. On Rumble you mean? Can't read the comments there as you need to sign in and I have no account (don't make videos).

      While I'm here, a couple of snippets.




    2. That last one is good. I have been singing my praises for Lukashenko since the beginning of the plandemic. He refused to mask and lockdown his population, he turned down a bribe to do so, he suffered Soros backed demonstrations, he and his people have suffered sanctions. Yet he's held firm. Good for him, I say.