Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tuesday [1 and 2]


2.  Steve

a.  Wisconsin:

In 2020 Wisconsin Had Over 265,000 Mostly Illegitimate ‘Indefinitely Confined’ Votes, Instead of Political Leaders Addressing 2020 They Now Want to Update the Law


b.  President Trump Issues Statement in Response to GP’s Report on Wisconsin Speaker Vos’s Attempts to Increase Drop Boxes in Elections in the State


c.  The Gateway Pundit Signs Agreement with True the Vote – Includes Never Before Seen Video from Major Battleground State for Ballot Trafficking Investigation


d.  J6:

Joe diGenova: It’s Very Clear Ray Epps Was Operating as a ‘Cut-Out’ for FBI (VIDEO)


e.  Braincell update:

Guest on CNN Destroys Biden in a Little Over 60 Seconds – Anderson Cooper Sits Shocked in Silence (VIDEO)


f.  Latest Health Data From Scotland Mirrors the (sic) UK – Unvaccinated Have Lower Covid-19 Case, Hospitalization, And Death Rates Than the ‘Fully Vaxxed’


g.  On a lighter note:

Triggered Lib Absolutely Loses It During March Against Medical Tyranny In DC – “Stop Invading Our Territory!”


h.  “You Super-Spreaders, You Voted for Trump, Didn’t You!?” – Self-Proclaimed “Karen” Goes Berserk As She Stalks Maskless Shoppers Around The Store (VIDEO)


[Same as below with Steve:

I quite agree but we still have to do it this way.]

1.  DAD

I quite agree but it does fall into NOWP territory still for now, by my reading of detractors. It's not a question of truth or opinion, it's a question of interpretation of 'misleading' by host.  For now whilst host still clings to the old Fauci and NHS definition, it's fluid and makes no sense to the sane but here we are still ... for now.


  1. The Ron Johnson hearing: