Monday, January 17, 2022

Try these

This evening's plan:  have a break with this quiz, about 18:30 reply to Steve as a post, about 20:00, do our final Monday for the day.  So, here tis:

1.  What are 15887 Daveclark, 14965 Bonk, 7328 Seanconnery, 17458 Dick, 1629 Pecker and 821 Fanny?

2.  At least how many [i.e. already identified and named] co-orbital bodies vaguely go around the sun with the earth, i.e. it takes them one earth year?

3.  What are the three forms of motion of the earth as a body, inc. orbits etc.?

4.  If one concedes Pluto as a dwarf planet, not as a solar system planet, which I don't coz I like the gal who named it, and if it is considered the first of three dwarf planets, what then are the other two?  E and C.

5.  Who was that girl by the way, from where, how old was she at the time?

6.  Name our four gas planets.

7.  Which mineral compound forms almost half the earth's mass?  Bonus point - what is this compound made from?


  1. 3. translation (orbit), rotation (spin)

    7 feldspar, one of the oxides of silicon?

  2. 3. There's one more - think moon.
    7. Starts with 'p'.

    Think you might have missed the weekend quiz, shall look.

  3. 4. Eris (goddess of strife and discord - sounds about right!) and Ceres (goddess of agriculture)
    5. 11year old Venetia Burny from Blighty
    6. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.

  4. Great so far.

    1. Astronomical.
    2. Moon counts as one of them.

  5. 3. and precession - rotation of axis

    2. is this to include all satellites etc??

  6. 2 Mercury, Venus - Mars takes about 20 months roughly I think so that be 3 if we include the Moon and I see we are.

  7. With 1, we're talking natural bodies, not necessarily connected to earth.

    With 2, we're also talking natural bodies not necessarily in orbit, one has a horseshoe motion, but nevertheless do get around the sun in our earthly year, give or take.

  8. Replies
    1. 1. Small bodies, less than planets.

      2. Debatable but we're callng silicone perovskite.

  9. Dont forget the movement of the sun around the galactic centre.