Thursday, January 13, 2022

Try these

The number of Xes are not the number of letters.

1.  Robin Hood, in A Gest of Robyn Hood, wore a good mantle of xxxx and raye, dyed using the dried bodies of the female field louse.  Er ... what colour was he wearing?

2.  In the Malheur National Forest in Oregon is the largest living thing on earth.  What is it?  It covers 890 hectares.

3.  In E.N. Anderson's The Food of China [1988], this is named as a dish local to Toisan.  It's not from the US.  Which dish?

4.  Heron, in Alexandria, AD62, invented the aleopile, which was probably the world's first working xxxx?

5.  Darwin, at Cambridge, as part of The Glutton, at one particular meal, ate which particular bird?  It was not nice.

6. 'Drink, drink.  Fan, fan.  Rub, rub.'  Whose last words?

7.  Which metal is the best conductor?


  1. 2. I'd guess at fungus. The mycelial ring can spread miles.

  2. 2. a fungus

    5. a dodo?

    5. Platinum?

  3. Lincoln green. Very important people the house sexers
    A fungus
    Heated sphere it water inside spun by steam jetting out of two bent pipes in side of sphere.
    Guessing guga. Yum.
    Nelson, Horatio.
    Silver heat and leccy.

  4. Fungus, steam engine, Horatio, silver all correct!

  5. 1 Scarlet (as in Will?)

    4. Chop Suey? had to look this up!

  6. Oh well done. Hint for 5 - it would not be wise to eat a mangy specimen like this.

  7. 5. again, had to look it up A brown owl - the club gave up after that! How did the guides get to adopt the title?