Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday [5 and 6]

Brekky time.

6.  DAD

a) A major new report by the esteemed Royal Society finds that online censorship is self-defeating and only causes individuals to distrust authorities even more.

b) Museums and concert halls in the Netherlands opened briefly on Wednesday to protest their continued closure.

c) Outrage has erupted in France over the revelation that the nation’s Education Minister had announced further COVID measures for schools while on vacation in Ibiza.

d) German publishing house Axel Springer, which owns national newspaper and tabloid Die Welt and Bild, has lost a copyright infringement case against the company behind Adblock Plus, Eyeo GmbH. In the ruling dismissing the case, the court stated an ad blocking service does not breach copyright.

e) I am sure that you are pleased there is no 'e'.

5.  Quickies

#  Today my daughter called me 'birth person'.  I replied, 'Yes, financial drain?'

#  Nothing says 'trust the Science' like 'you aren't allowed to sue us' and 'you can see it all in 55 years'.

#  [On USPS] On what planet can a union which can endorse a political party be put in charge of collecting and delivering ballots?

#  It ain't gonna be pretty:


  1. 5) Another quickies, stolen from TCW comments

    "I have the same medical qualifications as Bill Gates"

  2. 5. It ain't going to be pretty...

    Immediately before reading the link there I was reading this,

    Even if the window of opportunity is closing the would be emperors haven't given up. Behind the scenes there are still efforts to maneuver us towards their planned destination. As this pandemic crime unravels we will be advised not to give up our vigilance. The host of online journalists who have helped to expose the lies must not sit back and say Job Done. They are going to be needed to keep up the pressure.

    I am sure that the projects mentioned in the wef link are not the only entities at work. There are the likes of common purpose, b&mg foundation, the c foundation, giorgi schwartz, the two immense investment houses who control most major food suppliers. You all know who I mean.

    All we have achieved is a victory in the first major battle. The war continues. It ain't going to be pretty and it sure ain't over by a long chalk.

  3. "the esteemed Royal Society". You must surely mean 'the once esteemed Royal Society'?