Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday [3 to 11]

Brekky time.  Time for some milky oats with apple, cinnamon and bee's vomit.

11.  Can't confirm that this is happening

... in real time now, it just appeared, that's all:

It might just be a 'be warned' type gab.

10.  The understated netzerowatch

9.  Without documentation in support

... this can only be stated as a claim, or opinion.  Worth checking out if it were possible:
Jacinda Ardens net worth as of November 4th last year was $800,000. Her Net worth now is stated to be $25 million. This is a 3125% increase, her salary is "only" $470,000. Where in the f**k is all this money coming from?
Wwweeellllll, 'leaders' have sold their souls for less, n'est-ce-pas?  Sold out their people?  Gone to the hot place?  Will have to check with Dante on that.

8.  The significant thing here

... is not so much what has already been reported but who is reporting it.  This is a biker friendly site here and so this is nice to see:
The officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt was never interviewed by D.C. police before being cleared. The level of peril that America faces now is incalculable and inexplicable. At no time in history has today’s level of tragedy been remotely replicated. Our current level of tyranny will be felt for the next 25 years. America today is unrecognizable. It lost its soul.

7.  DAD

a.  Yesterday I shared that the German Police used a health app in their investigation.

A German regional data protection officer says police are damaging public trust in the government amid the pandemic. The officers were criticized for using a Covid app to track people.

b.  Struggling to get recruits, US Army raises enlistment bonus
Maximum payout for new troops is being raised to $50,000 in hopes that extra cash will help get critical jobs filled

(The military’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate could also be a factor in new hires. More than 10,000 Army troops still hadn’t gotten their first jab as of last month, and US Army Secretary Christine Wormuth warned that those who continue to refuse the vaccine face the threat of being fired).

Karma is a bitch.

6.  DS today

Nothing odf course about the deaths and misery caused needlessly, nowt on that eh?

Boris Johnson has apologised for attending a “bring your own booze” gathering in the garden of No. 10 during the U.K.’s first lockdown in May 2020. Speaking in the Commons just before Prime Minister’s Questions amidst calls for him to resign, the PM acknowledged public “rage” over the incident but said he believed it was a work event, with the Downing Street garden being an extension of the office.

5.  Ripper

... here is referring, I think, to Budgie main man, mentioned Wed ?  This follows on:

I was at every one of their gigs in our area. Our faces became known to them. This was around the time that Ray Philips was the drummer. He later left the band and formed another band called Woman (never did find/hear any of their stuff) and Pete Boot replaced him, though myself and lots of others thought that Philips was the better of the two, up to that point, Philips was the only one that used a double bass kit and was capable of playing it (the drum solo at the start of 'You're the biggest thing since powdered milk' is a classic). Tony Bourge played a Gibson semi-acoustic which was often stuffed with chip paper to stop the feedback. He later joined Philips and formed a band called Tredegar. Happy days indeed.

As you may know, the band came from Cardiff. There's another Welsh band from Bridgend coming up today in much the same way, which I think of in the same way as Budgie, though their sound is different obviously - I'd call it post grunge. Its probably the Welsh connection that makes me think that way.

4.  E.B.

E.B. Posted a comment but to run it, we have a convoluted process I explained over at NOWP:

"E.B. wrote at t’other place what Blgr would consider opinion, so in common with Steve and others, it has to go here and then is linked back there. Sorry but when we do not do this, the post is taken down by Blgr. We could ditch Blgr but it’s otherwise a most workable platform for us, combined with WP."

3.  Steve

a.  Pennsylvania:

Court Rules Pennsylvania Senate’s Investigation of the 2020 Election Results in the State Will Move Forward

b.  Interview with Pennsylvania Senator and President Pro Tempore, Jake Corman, on Current Investigation into 2020 Election Results in the State

c.  J6:

Tucker Carlson Questions Sham 1/6 Committee’s Sudden Acknowledgement and Defense of Ray Epps: “It’s Clear the DOJ Had a Role in Jan 6th”

d.  Officer Mike Byrd Was Never Interviewed by DC Police Before He Was Exonerated for Killing Ashli Babbitt in Cold Blood

e.  Seth Rich:

Latest Information Shows the FBI Continues to Try to Hide Facts About the Murder of Seth Rich

f.  Braincell update:

Another Biden Record: Inflation Rose 7 per cent in 2021 to Highest Level Since 1982

g.  Biden Overall Approval Plummets to 33 Percent – Only 25 Percent Approval Among Independents


  1. There's some things in this that are relevant today and some other things in it that we still discuss today.
    (The annoying ad which opens up in a new window stops after approx 3 goes - worth persisting with imho)

  2. Nothing to worry about. Infiltration that's all. Go back to sleep.

  3. 11) More info about the work at the White House.

    It look as if it just surrounding the fountain - but, why?