Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The whole sicko show has to stop

Tommy R's near the end of this, via Steve:

... and if anyone would know about the stats on this rape cult in Britain, with councils, plod and all sorts dipping in, it would be him.  And it raises all sorts of questions - how on earth this mass raping's going on of underage girls.  I'd say it's time for names of plod for a start involved in it to come out but I suppose one then suicides.

Sarah Champion, Aug 6, 2017, Guardian
In her opening paragraphs, Champion wrote: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?”

She seems to have backtracked and gone quiet after that.  The fallout in the rightwing ranks seems to be between those of the TR side who say it is Islam at fault through the ethnic group currently in any particular country, the Mark Collett/Laura Towler who won't hear a word against Islam and say it's just the Pakis.

Why all these girls in care homes?  Parents who didn't care themselves years ago and had these ones, who are the ones now being exploited.  Also, think of brats in shops and mothers exerting no control over them.  

But it's way more than that - look at the slutty, drugged out behaviour and then countless articles about how it's fine, esp. in rags like Metro which train travellers have perma-available each morning.  Added to that the low quality of teachers now.  Real Woke gutter stuff. Where is the parents' outcry across the land?

You really think there are no consequences?  When the entire courting and chivalry thing has gone and if most girls are like that, then what are most guys like?  Their respect is increased?  They become gentlemen?

Hardly - it ends up with neither sex able to find anything on the other side worthwhile once those heartstring pangs start.  And what's to look forward to?  Woke guff night and day from whiny victimhood pros?

It's a tsunami and once it starts, there's no reversing it - will females give up freedoms to start being ladies again?  Hardly.  Will they give up their jobs so that men can get theirs back?  Will the whole workplace reset in a good way?  

How to stop the Woke guff anyway?  And look at the spinoff behaviour - Ripper's links.  What of the abortion industry in baby parts?  The rainbow tranny thing?  Torn jeans, tatt mutilation.  I'll name one on our side, not on the Woke left side - Mindy Robinson, 'conservative mother', mutilated all over her back but she covers it since she's joined the conservative icons deploring trashy values.

Look at the quality of film, TV, games.  Truly trash as well.  

If so, then who allowed them to become like that?  Late Boomers and Gen X of course. And they followed on from early Boomers, though there were sufficient values from their upbringing to give a semblance of decency.  Not this lot now, as the young man said.  I've got one very close to where I live - unbelievable.

How does it manifest itself when two people do decide to partner?  Answer - they never last, they always let the other down, hence this anthem:

If I had to sum up the current age, I'd say that's it - the constant letting down, shortchanging, one rule for me/another for you ... and all of that.  That's the crux right there - shortchanging the other person.  See, we're not talking sainthood here, pious monks - we're talking about ordinary people not shortchanging the other.

No one's getting off the hook here - what of the sleazy oldies 55-85 eyeing off young trash?  What of obese cougars or mutton dressed as lamb?

Just what do I want?  A theocracy as in The Crucible?  You have got to be kidding.  I want room to move, to breathe, to enjoy a tipple.  If I admire the female form, I don't expect her to suddenly drop her gear and spread her legs - I want some sort of middling area where euphemisms still exist, where men are chivalrous to women and the women deserve it or maybe start living up to it.  And since when, chaps, did quantity beat quality?

Maybe I'm just talking to myself here.  What I will say though is the behaviour we are seeing is a natural consequence of the trashing of values.  Within each of us.  

Why are 30, 40, 50 year married people still married?


  1. You are not talking to yourself James. Part of the reason I'm a bachelor is because I refused to play the one night stand game. Perhaps I expected too much from girls around me, very few of them were wife, mother, partner for life material. Those that were would be snatched up pdq, I missed the boat too often.

    All that you point out above was meticulously planned. We know the tactics of social disruption employed by communists, once they started it became unstoppable. The useful idiots they used are still idiots and still destabilising western society. Ironic when you consider that those who set them in motion appear to have given up, while the baton has been taken up by billionaires.

    It's all such a mess and I don't believe that the current generation of young have the strength of will to sort it and themselves out in the short term. We must trust that in the long term natural order will return to human relationships.


  2. You're quite right. Forty years ago I predicted the Rotherham phenomena would happen. It wasn't difficult. With working and underclass teenage girls, left to do as they liked and sex starved asian Islamic men who had contempt for them. When they met what did people think was going to happen? It didn't take a genius to figure it out. It like most other troubles in current society, is a result of adults losing control of children and abrogating all their responsibilities.