Saturday, January 15, 2022

Saturday [2 to 4]


4.  Was obvious, there was little choice

The Health Secretary has said Covid passes will be scrapped in England this month as the country’s Omicron wave continues to collapse. MailOnline has more

Sajid Javid is said to have told MPs [yesterday] that he shared their “instinctive discomfort” at the certificates, which 100 Tories voted against.

From Daily Sceptic emailing.

3.  Some early morning music from Microdave

... it being from the Netherlands:

2.  Steve

a.  Fulton County:

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Steps In and Delays Fulton County, Pennsylvania 2020 Election Investigation

b.  Waukesha County:

Waukesha County Judge Deals Huge Blow to Democrats — Bans Use of Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes in Wisconsin

c.  J6:

There Is Video of ‘Protesters’ Flashing Badges to Capitol Police – J6 Prisoner Calls Gateway Pundit, Discloses Damning Information on Likely Federal Operatives on January 6 (VIDEO)

d.  Were Capitol Police Responsible for Officer Sicknick’s Death!?

e.  Braincell update:

“This Is – Not Stagflation, We’re Entering the Abyss of Something Much Darker” – Steve Bannon on Biden’s Monumental Destruction of US Economy


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