Friday, January 21, 2022

One last Friday thought

Vox was quoting some guy called Chris Langan:

Stupidity does not imply malice, but malice implies stupidity. That’s because a stupid populace is irresistable to a malicious ruling class – it’s much easier to deceive and control – which is why the populace has been methodically “dumbed down” by “the elite” using their proprietary indoctrination mills (public schools and universities) along with immigration policy favoring fast-breeding low-IQ migrants and mass-media idiocy including miscegenation propaganda directed specifically at White people.

... and there's that same motif ... the utter stupidity of totalitarians with genocidal agendas.  Not saying they don't kill millions in pointless wars, they do, but looking at Schwab in particular, he's insane, without conscience, plus stupid.  So is the Kenyan, though their whole shtick is that they have it all tabbed.

We shall see, because social credit and the mark of the beast are here [see NOWP].

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