Friday, January 14, 2022

Now what could possibly be the reason?

David Thompson:

Those presented as victims of injustice, of “racial inequity,” include Mr Rodney Perry, whose photograph accompanies the piece, and who, in a single year, has received eight tickets for speeding and three for running red lights. The article appears not to have had room to include the views of those injured or bereaved by Chicago’s law-breaking motorists, despite an eye-widening spike in accidents, fatalities, and hit-and-run crashes. Nor, it seems, was there room to consider the possible effect of endless, widespread excuse-making for antisocial behaviour, and its role in making such behaviour more likely, not less.

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  1. They must be using black an white cameras instead of monochrome. Oh, hang on monochrome is black and white. Therefore the cameras are racist. That's not institutional, it's technological.

    As an aside. When I had a four colour separation of a face to be reproduced as monochrome I would use the cyan separation for a white person and the yellow for a black person. That signifies nothing, I just thought it was interesting.

    England have started the Hobart test quite well, 3 for 59. I wonder if Amfortas is watching.