Monday, January 17, 2022

Monday [1]

1.  Steve

a.  Virginia:

Virginia Governor Youngkin Signs 11 Executive Actions on First Day in Office Including Banning CRT, Ending Vax Mandate, Ending School Mask Mandate, etc.

Virginia’s New Attorney General Fires 30 Staff Members, Announces Major Investigations within Hours of Taking Office

b.  The Donald:

Police Turned Thousands OF Attendees Away from President Trump’s Rally In Arizona “There’s No More Room” (VIDEO)

c.  Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake at Arizona Trump Rally: “I Want to Lock Somebody Down, That Liar Doctor Fauci.. My BS Meter Goes Off Every Time He Opens His Mouth” (VIDEO)

d.  “These People Are Living in Hell!” – President Trump Gives Shout Out to Persecuted Jan. 6 Prisoners in DC Gulag – Calls Out “Dope” Mike Byrd and Federal Operatives in the Crowd (VIDEO)

e.  Religion of Peace:

Explosion at Texas Synagogue Followed by Rapid Gunfire — All Hostages Held by Pakistani Assailant Out Safe – Terrorist Is Dead!

f.  FBI Identifies Texas Synagogue Hostage-Taker — Malik Faisal Akram from Great Britain – Facebook Muslim Community Mourns His Death

g.  FBI Spokesman on Muslim Hostage-Taker at Texas Synagogue: “We’re Continuing to Work to Find Motive”


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