Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Midweek [19]


19.  A very great woman

Hadn't fully looked at this issue Longrider was referring to but it does illustrate that it's not the religious aspect which is vital but the oppression.

When LR says that if you allow one, you allow others, I'd add that Christianity is the one faith in modern times which does not seek to oppress others.  However, in postmodern times, it's going right back to oppression, e.g. over this baker and the scumbag stirring the trouble.

Moving on:

A Finnish MP who previously served as the country’s Interior Minister has gone on trial for hate speech over an online post that included a bible verse.
Translated into nonWoke sane speech, it means:
The nation’s former interior minister had made comments online criticising the Finnish Lutheran Church for associating itself with a pro-LGBT event, saying that the church was “elevating shame and sin to a point of pride”.
Absolutely, she's right.  Perversions such as those plaguing the State of Victoria too, the sheer mental illness down there, is heartrending and it shows through in these unethical clowns playing tennis while they still can.  Just as bad as all this kneeling to terrorist gangs.

There's no equivocation in Christianity.  To use the descriptor, then one embraces Leviticus and other references in Scripture.  Not to do so is not fit for purpose and renders that organisation liable for false advertising and being just another cult, like Jim Jones or Charles Manson, Branch Covidian etc.

People like this lady who have, admittedly, come late to the scene, are nonetheless worthy of the highest accolades, especially under the censorious oppression she now finds herself under.

Classical liberalism

The only viable libertarianism is the one in the subheading.  It's the only one which says maximum enshrined liberty until quite constant and demonstrable harm by this cult or that.  

If one of these blatantly calls for the oppression of us, the indigenous culture, which both the death cult and Branch Covidian do, then we must protect our own people and remove this terrorist cult on a case by case basis.

So, the action is not to oppress or jail, say, the death and rape squads, thus overcrowding prisons, but to boot them out.  They still have their liberty, but back in their own land.  That's more difficult with the Branch Covidian of course.  I don't want karens incarcerated or even censored for their criminal attacks on us.  We can't deport them or exterminate them.

So a different solution must be found.


  1. For me it is simple. Give them two offers, but explain that they can only choose one.

    "Would you like 10 years in jail on St Helena, or a one-way ticket back home?"

  2. Steve

    A comment yesterday, from Ripper I think, about Senator Ron Johnson's COVID-19: A Second Opinion hearing - in the US Senate - concerning its length (5 hrs 36 mins). Ron Johnson posted this today:

    COVID-19: A Second Opinion (Shorter Highlight Video)

    1. Watched it Steve, thanks for the heads up.